1. R

    Been Keeping Fish On And Off For 11 Years

    Hello! I have been keeping fish on and off for 11 years and I've been back in the game since last year. I've had a 40 breeder low tech planted with mostly crypts but thinking about going high tech. Looking forward to learning new things!
  2. Patrick Toulze

    From Canada, Having Fish Tanks For More Than 30 Years...

    My actual setup is a 33 gal tank (going to the big one soon) — Led light with TC420 controller, CO2 tank/regulator/reactor. Dry dosage. Will post more... Hy everybody...
  3. Ritesh Varma

    Long Beach Plants N Fish

    Hey My name is Ritesh. I own two 30 g aquariums. One reef and one fresh. I have South American plants w/ Wild S American Apistogrammas and Tetras. CO2 [2]bps Giant hood w/ compact flourescent. 125w Cobalt Canister Filter Cobalt Neo Heater *Two Timers* Day / Night time air pump turns on. Syngo...
  4. C

    Filter Flow And Small Fish

    So i have small dwarf golden barbs. They are found in lakes with a slow current. So... how do I determine best filter flow rate for them without sacrificing water filtration? are there signs to look for in the fish to know how they're coping? I'm running an aquaclear 20 in a 10 gallon planted...
  5. Seattle_Aquarist

    ** Every Country Speaks Fish ** Cory Mcelroy @ Gsas March 12th

    ** Every Country Speaks Fish ** Cory McElroy @ GSAS March 12th Seattle Pacific University Campus, Otto Miller Hall, Room 109, 7:30 PM Our March meeting's presentation is "Every Country Speaks Fish" by our own Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS) member Cory McElroy. Many of us have known...
  6. G

    Ph Changes?

    hello, I used to have a non co2 tank and I remember that the pH was very changeable when the lights went on the pH rose to 8 and when they turned off it dropped to 7 or 7.5, my question is? Does this really affect a fish? Or the fish can live happily in a non co2 tank? Thanks
  7. D

    Wisconsin Mom Keeping Fish And Need Safe Light Advice

    My Finnex FugeRay Planted power adapter burned out after two years which seems to be a common complaint with this light. I just got a Nicrew Classic LED plus in the mail, and it seems like something that shouldn't be suspended over water as I can push back the splash guard and see electrical...
  8. O

    I Believe Some Of My Fish Have Contracted Fish Tb ("wasting Disease") After A Small Cycle Crash.

    Basically, I was upgrading my 80-gallon to a 120-gallon and moved the fish into temporary housing. After the move was complete there was a mini cycle crash where I was getting readings of low, stressful but generally non-lethal amounts of ammonia and nitrites (max registered at 1ppm for each). I...
  9. T

    Cycling A New Planted Tank - How Long Before I Can Add Fish?

    Hello all! TL;DR: how long do I need to wait before adding fish to a newly setup 23G lowish-light tank planted with crypts/anubias/java ferns? The full version: I've just set up a 23G tank (a Fluval Vista 23) and have added (I think) lots of crypts, anubias, and java ferns. The lighting level...
  10. A

    The Perfect Tank - Complete Failure With No Plausible Reason

    Okay, let me start by saying I've had a few CO2 planted tanks in the past that have been a great success. I'm very familiar with EI, GH, KH, pH etc... I went on a mission to set up the perfect planted tank and it has been a disaster: 40g GLA Dual stage CO2 Milwaukee pH controller - pH drops...
  11. Ian Chan

    Otos Dying After Months Of Success

    Hi there, My otocinclus (standard ones) have been dying one by one. I started with 12, 5 months ago in July. 1 passed away in quarantine and I experienced no deaths for almost 3 months after. However, for the past 2 months, I've lost 3, one by one. The symptoms are always the same: very skinny...
  12. Tim Harrison

    Old Tropical Fish And Plant Books

    I found this book today in a secondhand book shop. I instantly remembered it from my childhood as one of the books that I had out on permanent loan from the local library...that is I just kept renewing it. It was published in 1970, and like it says on the front cover "With a special colour...
  13. FeadtheFish

    Fish Guy Here

    Hello All, Just setting up an account with Barr Report. I have had my 55 gal. tank since 1994 when my dad gave it to me for Christmas. It has gone through many looks, levels of appreciation/attention, vibes, feels, species of fish. I have moved to a new city and am taking this opportunity to...
  14. T

    New Home, New 29!

    Just bought my first home and finally have space to start getting back into aquariums. Convinced the gf to let me setup a tank in the living room, so I'm currently just working with a 29 gallon. Currently besides the tank, lid, and stand I'm toying with ideas for lights, substrate and...
  15. K

    Looking For Stocking Suggestions; 37 Gallon Tank With Kuhli Loaches. Other Fish Ideas?

    Tank Specs 37 gallon tank (30" L x 16" W x 22" H) TopFin Power 40 Filter (soon to be switched out for a canister instead) Some plants, but will eventually be a fully planted tank. Plants include DHG (might remove as I know it won't carpet without CO2), and unidentified crypts. Hood with built...
  16. E

    How Quickly Can You Drop Ph Without Hurting The Fish?

    Thank you so much to all of you who frequently post here. I've learned so much from reading your questions and posted answers. I'm unclear on one key detail: how quickly can you drop the pH in the tank (to achieve the required CO2 concentration) while still keeping the inhabitants safe...
  17. Seattle_Aquarist

    Melanotaenia Boesemani 'uter' - Gary Lange Strain

    Hi All, Recently our local club here in Seattle, the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society ( invited renouned rainbowfish explorer, extraordinary breeder, and international speaker Gary Lange to speak. My wife and I had the pleasure to host him in our home during his stay. He did two...
  18. rs18alpha

    Raising Fry In A Community Tank Without Floating Plants??

    I have two pair of Least Killifish that are always having new fry. I have some floating plants now but I'll be re doing the tank and I don;t want any floating plants. How will this affect the fry? I'll have a lot of plants and drift wood along with several nooks and crannies for the fry to hide...
  19. D

    Cory Question

    Hi All Newbie to the planted tank. Just a quick question, if i am planning to do a heavy carpet planting, is it suitable to have cory cat fish? TKS.
  20. L

    Fish Breeder Converting To Plants

    Hello, I have never made a serious attempt at a planted aquascape. I have kept and breed various cichlids over the years. As I have gotten older and other hobbies/responsibilities have taken time and space, I have decided to move away from focusing on breeding. I am planning a 125 gallon tank...