1. AnnieT

    Acclimation protocol

    I stopped by my LFS for some otocinclus today and asked what their pH is. To my dismay, their pH was 8.1 and the employee said it’s often higher than that. She also said it takes weeks for fish to acclimate to a different pH, so the store just acclimates new fish to temperature and then “dumps”...
  2. Allwissend

    Some observations on Pseudomugil signifer

    Let's start at the beginning 2 week old eggs Fry are moving inside the egg but do not hatch yet.
  3. T

    Quarantine tank for otos

    I’m planning to get a small school of otocinclus and I’d like to quarantine them before adding the to my main tank. I’m wondering what people do for quarantine tanks. I have a spare 10gal tank with a HOB filter. I can use some filter media from my canister to cycle the tank and I’m planning a...
  4. C

    Plant Death Across Most Of My Fish Room

    I have 20x low tech tanks with various LED full spectrum lighting and various stocking and plants. All tropical temps. The only continuum is the water and fertilizer. I'm having plant death and issues with them every time I fertilize. The pic is a single example. It's black algae growing on...
  5. FischAutoTechGarten

    Sonoran Desert Fish Nook - My Mini Fish Room To Advance My Fishkeeping

    Hi folks. I put a new fish room online at the end of November. It inhabits a 3x8 closet with a generous opening into my 8x11 office. (did a build thread on that I dont' intend to duplicate on this board. here is a link...
  6. Mike Workman

    Help Identifying Disease

    Hello - I am new to this forum, normally on plant subjects versus fish.... I keep freshwater tropical planted aquariums (6) I have been keeping fish for 52 years, plants for 17. I am having trouble with a relatively new tank, a 300 gallon planted tank. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10 ppm...
  7. FischAutoTechGarten

    Hello, I'm A New Member - Fischautotechgarten - Sonoran Desert Fish Nook

    My name is Peter. A hobbyist from way back (like AquaticPlantsDigest-APD, theKrib, GeorgeBooth way back...) recently re-entering the hobby with vigor, having commenced the planning, purchasing, preparing and putting into play a mini fish room, The Sonoran Desert Fish Nook. My wife and I reside...
  8. kizwan

    Bristlenose Pleco & Detritus

    Hello, I have 3 albino Bristlenose pleco in two tanks. I feed them hikari sinking micro pellets everyday. One of the tank have detritus. Can I stop feeding them with sinking pellets & let them eat detritus for a while? Also, should I feed them vegetable too like cucumber/zucchini even if there...
  9. Seattle_Aquarist

    Open To All; Gsas Meeting Fish Farm Tour; Imperial Tropicals

    Open to All; GSAS Meeting Fish Farm Tour; Imperial Tropicals Hi All, Ever wonder about where all the fish we love come from? Learn about Florida fish farms from one of the best, Mike Drawdy of Imperial Tropicals! Next Tuesday is our Greater Seattle Aquarium Society ( streaming...
  10. Dojoscapes

    Hello From Europe!

    Hello Im relatively new in the aquarium hobby I hope will learn something new and useful everyday here
  11. yd2

    Surface "oil Spill" After Fertilizing

    B"H hello I bought API leaf Zone and found it's missing Nitrogen & Phosphorus so i got both of this from Seachem . and i use recommended dosing, i didn't poured it to the tank directly but take a water from the tank & mix all 3 fert's in a cup, and slowly pouring it back to the tank. but after...
  12. R

    Co2 And Ph Shock.

    Hello everyone, Long time lurker finally registered to make a post. The reason is over the year I had regarded this place as a source of good scientific answer rather hearsay and rumor, and I ran into a question that in need of your expertise. First off, my thread tittle may cause some...
  13. B

    Suicide Raspboras

    My harlequin rasboras seem prone to suicide by jumping out of the tank. I have a hypothesis ... but also want to check with the community here for any other ideas. This is my first serious high tech planted tank, and my first rimless and cover-less tank. Its a 18"x18"x36" (45 gallons or so)...
  14. D

    Overstocked? What Do You Think? 20 Gallon

    Hi! I have a twenty gallon tank and i stock 9 congo tetras and 7 green barbs, do you guys think it is safe enough for them to live together or will they start nibbing each other? and do you also think it's too crowdy for a 20 gal tank? Here's a picture before I added the congo tetras... And...
  15. superflame

    For Sale: German Half Black Pastel Guppy Fish Guppies + Mini Pellia

  16. Nooty

    New Member

    Hello! I am new here and just bought a 180l upgrade to my 50l japanese goldfish tank two days ago. I am excited to see how it will evolve and to read your tips and tricks here on the forum. Greetings from Belgium!
  17. kizwan

    Fish Identity Question

    Hi, I need help in identifying this fish. I would like to know how they breed & what other fish they can live with peacefully.
  18. Seattle_Aquarist

    ****cancelled**** Spu Is Closing The Campus **** Fish Species Lurk In The Cenote Biotopes

    ****CANCELLED**** SPU IS CLOSING THE CAMPUS **** What Fish Species Lurk in the Yucatan Cenote Biotopes? January 14th: Lee Newman - Cenote Fishes of the Yucatan Peninsula Lee Newman, of Vancouver BC, has been keeping and studying freshwater fish for over 45 years, especially the geophagines...
  19. Seattle_Aquarist

    Gsas Big Annual Plants, Fish, Equipment Auction - Saturday, Nov. 9th (seattle (white Center))

    GSAS Big Annual Plants, Fish, Equipment Auction - Saturday, Nov. 9th (Seattle (White Center)) The Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (your local aquarium club since 1971) is having its B-I-G annual General Auction!! There will be aquarium plants, fish, invertebrates, and equipment! Most of the...
  20. S

    Div Chiller For 540l Fish Tank

    Hello Guys@ Im wondering if anyone did try or have it expericne to do that. I know The KING of DIV offer somenthing what should work but i could find more information. Im from UK and this summer was especially hot and my temperature in tank reach 31 degrees. Now constantly the temperature is 27...