1. D

    Battling Hair Algae in High Tech Aquarium, Fish Stressing Before 30 PPM CO2 Reached

    Hello, I have been running a 25 gallon planted aquarium with pressurized CO2, set up for 11 months and have been battling algae since about week 3. The tank originally had a massive diatom outbreak lasting 1 month+ followed by green fuzz and green hair algae on substrate rocks and plant leaves...
  2. C

    Bba Control And Fertilizers

    Hi, I have an almost cubic tank, 45cm x 45cm x (H) 48cm, gross volume 90 liters, actual volume more or less 75-80 liters. I started the tank as a "Walstad method", low light tank in 2015. In 2018-2019 soil started to seems depleted, and I added some fertilizers tabs (Dennerle) to add...
  3. Neil

    Need Help! Failing To Estimate The Micro Dose...!

    I purchased a chelated micro fertz few days ago....! The label says: Boron: > 0.5% Chelated Copper: > 1% Chelated Iron: > 2.5% Chelated Manganese: > 1% Molybdenum: > 0.1% Chelated Zinc: > 3% Chelating Agent - EDTA I dose Iron separately after compensating. The composition looks alot like...
  4. A

    Help To Make Csm B

    Hi, guys I have following chemicals available how to make csm+b from them. Manganese Sulpahte (1kg) Zinc Sulphate(1kg) Boric Acid(1kg) Copper Sulphate(half kg) EDTA (half KG) Iron edta 13% Thanks please guide and help there is no micronutrient availabl
  5. C

    Measure Fe Fertilizers

    Hi I am interested in knowing the measurement for all Fe fertilizers when weighing dry Fe Fertilizers on a scale before adding distill water? Thanks, Craig
  6. Neil

    Root Tabs And Algae!

    I'm using ADA substrate ..its an year old. It has started giving early signs of exhaustion, I'm planning to feed the plants with Substrate Tabs. The water I'm using is very hard & it is groundwater. Fairly high in Phosphate, Nitrate and Fluoride. Would it be a good idea to start using Root...
  7. P

    Can't Work Out What Is Wrong - Poor Plant Growth

    So I have been struggling for over a year and I'm just about at whit' s end with my plant growth, similar experience to edelry.junior . Looking at many of the EI tanks in the journals such as Pikez "Rotala Kill" In general stunted growth everywhere and what are considered as easy/aquatic weeds...
  8. J

    EI Nitrates

    Hi All Just started on EI after reading all the good stuff. 60x30x36cm tank with CO2 and 1/2 filled with buces. I travel 1week to 10days at a go and so was initially looking at a weekly low light dose. Initially plagued with GSA and looking at EI to solve PH 6.4-5.5 during 7hr...
  9. Ei Light: For Those Less Techy Folks

    Ei Light: For Those Less Techy Folks

    The Estimative Index (EI) is a straight forward method for providing nutrients for a planted tank. The idea behind EI is simply introducing a non limiting amount of nutrients within an aquarium, throughout the week. This non limiting concentration of nutrients floods the water column and feeds...
  10. Fertilizer Routines, Which One?

    Fertilizer Routines, Which One?

    This article is designed to give a back ground on various dosing routines from the past and present. Some of the older semi complete fertilizer routines are PMDD(about 1995-1996): Practical PMDD Information - http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/pmdd-tim.html In this recipe, the goal is...