1. Bernard

    Question About Ada Ferts, Unusual Colouring?

    Hi everyone! Hoping maybe someone here can help me or have seen this before. I recently switched to the ADA green brighty line of ferts, and purchased some Green Brigthy Nitrogen. The strange thing is that the liquid is green, not the blue I expected from all the pictures. Now i'm wondering...
  2. yd2

    Fertilizing Not Working, Deficiency Signs Keep Growing.

    B"H Hello im a beginner in planted aquarium, and reached a roadblock with my hygrophila compacta. my aquarium is Low-Tech , the amount of water is about 25 liters. (8 gallon+-) I have all the micro and macro nutrients fertilizers. The Higro Compact keeps showing significant deficiency signs...
  3. KrangDog

    Urea In Osmocote

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I've been unable to find an answer. I'm looking for some Osmocote or similar to use below things like erios, Dennis Wong style. Unfortunately, Australia has different offerings to the US and I'm unable to get hold of Osmocote Plus Outdoor & Indoor...
  4. A

    Can’t Find My Problem

    Hello everyone, I have a 20 gallon tank, Light is the xr15 g5 and I run it at around 70%, I haven’t found the best settings for this light. I dose once a week but I’m having a problem understanding iron, seems the more research I do the more confused I get. I’m using edta 13% and I was trying to...
  5. B

    Neseasa Golden Not Growing Well

    I started this aquarium a month and a half ago. It started out a little rough. none of the plants were growing well. It looked like a micro nutriant deficince so I up the micros(the only thing I changed) and things just got worse. I halfed my origional micro dose and things got lots better. Now...
  6. L

    Tnc Estimate Index

    I have 125 litre tank. Using the calculator it suggest daily to dose 15ml per day. The label on the bottle suggest dosing 12.5ml three times a week will achieve hitting the index. Bit discombobulated with this. Please help , did I use the calculator alright?
  7. S

    Manganese Deficiency

    Hey guys, i have manganese deficiency in my tank. I sent several water samples to a laboratory. The result was always high levels of iron and nearly no manganese. Any ideas where all the manganese disappears? I use Tropica Soil and Tropica Premium. I have two big filter filled with pumice...
  8. S

    What Am I Doing Wrong? (stunted/slow Growth)

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here so I’m sorry if I am posting in the wrong forums. I have been reading up on other tanks here for the past couple months however I have still not been able to figure out my tank. Or at least it is figuring me out faster than I can figure it out. The scape...
  9. I

    Seachem Equilibrium Adds How Much K??

    I use RODI water, and so I have to add around 8 grams of Seachem Equilibrium to reach around 6dGH for my 5 gallon planted tank. This also adds...80ppm of Potassium? I know that people say overdosing potassium is not a worry, is this really true? I've also heard that an overdose will limit...
  10. D

    Lava Rock And Phosphates Problem?

    Hi There, I am not able to keep my phosphates level. In a matter of a couple of days a PO4 dose of 0.5ppm drops to non measurable values. All the plants are struggling with deficiency symptoms mostly on the older leaves. For sure they are not consuming a lot of phosphates, first because there...
  11. Bert336

    Kno3 As Food Preservative

    Hi Gurus, Just want to ask if the one the that i bought from Amazon is correct? I just bought a KNO3 in Amazon Germany (i am from Austria) and it says that the product is used for preserving food. I smelled the foil package and it is indeed it has some kind of aromatic fragrance. It is safe...
  12. M

    Reinekii Deficiency

    Hello! I've had a 40G heavily planted tank for over a year now. But reinekii never seem to stay alive. Everything else grows like crazy. If anyone knows what could the problem be I'd appreciate it! My tank info: Filtration: Canister filter for 90g + 2 hanging cascade filters (over filtered)...
  13. O

    Monte Carlo Melting, Turning White - Advice Appreciated

    hello. I would really appreciate some help in diagnosing what issue is causing my Monte Carlo carpet to turn white and melt. My tank is approximately 2 months old. initially started as a dry start with tissue culture from bruce plant which weren't that great, then added potted from aquarium...
  14. C

    Miller Microplex?

    Any thoughts about this micronutrient mix? I did a search but there was only one post on it. The nutrients look a little high, but I suppose you could halve the dose and see how things do. My particular usage would be low tech, dosing only 1x a week. What do you guys think? GUARANTEED...
  15. D

    Sodium Balanced By Potassium?

    Hello, I go straight to the point here. My tap water has 60 ppm of Sodium (and 40 ppm Ca, 8 ppm Mg, 5 ppm K and a ph=8.4). Can i fight Na issues by increasing K so that K>Na? Or such Na level is out of scale and requires a RO system? I would appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks. Regards...
  16. S

    Feeding Carbon To Plants Via Aquarium Carbon Or Ashes?

    I was wondering if you ground high grade carbon,or charcoal,or ashes. Would one or any be uptaken by plants in aquariums? At least with carbon powders....its going absorb toxins for a short while. But does it in fine powder dissolve? Eventually? Calcium or Baking Soda also? DO they supply carbon...
  17. Zeus

    Ei Dosing Range For [mg] And [ca]

    Hi folks I am working on a program (excel spreadsheet) that calculates all you salts for you based on your tank size, WC% and your local water report. You enter your dosing volumes/container size/frequency etc You select your regime/product then pick your salts you plan you use, and presto its...
  18. Joshua Nathan Davies

    Creating An All In One Fertilizer?

    Hey guys, So i live on the other side of the world and it is expensive to order tropica ferts or even TNC complete. I was planning on buying EI dry ferts and mixing up my own all in one fertilizer solution. Can anyone give me a recipe for a 300ml bottle?
  19. L

    How Much Is High Light And How Increase Dosage

    Hi everyone, I’m in the situation that I have a diy led light 8000lumens 6500k plus 10w full spectrum led and I dose the EI standard dose calculated via rotala butterfly website but I noticed some deficiency and when I tested the water I found out that I have N 2.5 P0.25 and unknown K , Fe 0 co2...
  20. Filantrops

    Fe-edta And Potassium Gluconate Solution Diy

    Greetings, I am out of my depth. I hope someone here can help out an aquarium novice. I have Potassium Gluconate powder and Fe-EDTA 13,3%. I would like to mix them into water solution and add to my aquarium with some 250L of water in it. But I cannot figure out amounts for the solution and...