1. MoreliaViridis

    Melting Tissue Cultured Plants - Go Emersed?

    I swear by tissue cultures normally but I am having continuous failure in my 29 gallons. After planting them shortly they start turning brown and mushy from the root end and eventually melt completely. I have heard they are especially weak to ammonia spikes from soil and my soil is indeed...
  2. J

    Emersed! Pre-tank Plant Passion

    I was a keeper of fishes in the early '70s (even talked my parents into opening an LFS ) but faded out quickly from the scene once I obtained a driver's license and a motorcycle and other passions took hold. But I've always had a passion for plants, and having reached virtual retirement...
  3. rs18alpha

    Growing Plants Emersed On Top Of An Aquarium In An Acrylic Tray

    I've seen examples of a small 2 or 3 gallon rimless tank with another small tank or an acrylic tray stacked on top that has plants in it. The plants are emersed. Actually the plants are in what I think are clay balls with water in the bottom. But I don't know how much water is in the bottom of...
  4. J

    Emersed Plants And Aquaterrariums

    Hi all, I'm looking to learn how to build aquaterrariums. Not so much for animals but I guess the closest thing is paludariums. Is there a forum here where I might find relevant information or assistance? There seems to be so little information on growing emersed plants compared to submerged...
  5. Scryllarus

    What Sort Of Substrate To Use For Growing Crypts From Regions Emersed

    Edit: looks like I messed up the title. It's supposed to say "from different regions" not "from regions" Hi, this is my first post on this website, so apologies if I did something wrong I'm looking to re do my emersed crypt setup to meet each species specific needs, as right now they're all in...
  6. Fewater

    Algae Or Mold? Emersed Driftwood Issue

    Hi everyone. I have had a 29G Aqueon setup in an emersed tank with a bit of UG, Crypt, Java Fern & Java Moss going for about two weeks now. Overhead, I have two small Current Satellite Pro Plus units on a mount by Current. Around the perimeter I installed some irrigation nozzles and I built a...
  7. T

    Emersed Rack

    While working on getting my new fishroom together, I ended up jumping the gun and bought a few tanks with the Petco dollar per gallon sale. A few LFS's as well as local clubs are bringing a lot of plants in and I just wanted a place to store some plants as well as grow them out and propagate...
  8. H

    Can All Aquatic Mosses Be Grown Emersed?

    I've kept supposedly Weeping,flame,java,mini christmas,anchor,fissidens. I've managed to get all of them growing emersed in a high humidity setup. I've brought some mini pelia and a bunch of other mosses to experiment with next. I have an entire 20 gallon tank filled with various mosses, if...
  9. Rotala 'Gia Lai' Emersed

    Rotala 'Gia Lai' Emersed

  10. D

    'CloverField' Emersed Aquascape Vase Journal

    Yea I started another vase thing. This ill be more focused on than others. Don't worry, the other emersed setup is still going to. Its on the desk next to my 65 R.i.p my nightstand. You are now a desk... :D Pearlweed & Marsilea Hirsuta
  11. Jason King

    Jason's Emersed Bog

    Just before i went away for a few weeks i decided to add a mixture of very wet.. compost, sphagnum peat & perlite to a grow container and then used it as a trimming bin :) if they grow they grow if they don't they don't :) humidity is currently 81% and the temp is 65c for anyone wondering...
  12. D

    About Time Someone Made An Emersed Setup Journal!

    I thought I would make an emersed setup journal, for the benefits of others who want to try it for themselves and for those who like to observe them. I hope ya'll like the journal and enjoy "observing" it lol.