ei dosing

  1. S

    EI method for daily water change??

    okay so I have 2 tanks that both have breeding colonies of shrimp and some plants in them. after lots of research on shrimp it is recommended to do several small water changes per week that are slow drip back into the tank and I would like to try the EI fertilizer method non c02. My question is...
  2. D

    Ei Dosing With No Co2

    Hi All I want to start dosing my 140L tank using the EI dosing method,but i don't use CO2 . I do dose Excel but that's about it. Can i still use the EI method on this tank and if so what would i need to dose Thanks Guys.
  3. J

    Ei Dosing In Tank With Shrimp

    I have a 5 gal tank, moderately planted, CO2 injected, 4 Amano shrimp, 4 cherry shrimp, 5 tetras, 2 nerite snails. Because of shrimp, I do 20% water changes every other day instead of 50% as recommended by EI method. Shrimp are thriving - molting and breeding. Under this arrangement do I need...
  4. J

    Ei Dosing In Tank With Shrimp

    I have a Fluval Spec V (5.5 gal) now established for 2.8 months. So far, doing well. It’s moderately planted; pressurized CO2, 6-8 shrimp (Amano and cherry), 5 tetras. I have been told to limit my water changes to 20-25% because of the shrimp. I do these water changes every other day. Under...
  5. Zeus

    Ei Dosing Range For [mg] And [ca]

    Hi folks I am working on a program (excel spreadsheet) that calculates all you salts for you based on your tank size, WC% and your local water report. You enter your dosing volumes/container size/frequency etc You select your regime/product then pick your salts you plan you use, and presto its...
  6. J

    Is Daily Water Changes Possible?

    Hello all! I am new to this forum but not really, I've been using it for guidance for about two years since I began this journey. I have a 125g planted high tech community tank (had, rather). I had a mishap about a month ago where I did my regular 50% water change on Sunday. Except this time all...
  7. Bert336

    Parameters For Ei Planted Tank

    Hi Gurus, I am not so beginner in terms of aquarium experience but recently just plunges to have a planted tank set up for my discus. I want to know what should be my paramaters in Nitrate, Phosphate, Potassium etc for me to have 2x a month of 50% water change. I do not know if this is better...
  8. Q

    Tds Accumulation With Ei

    Hey all, I recently bought a TDS meter and measured my tap water at 80 TDS. Just before a water change a week ago my TDS was at 260 ppm. I changed 50% of water, and as you'd expect TDS was around 170ppm. A week later, I did another 50% water change but now TDS is at 200, so it is steadily...
  9. M

    Question About Gh Dosing

    I was wondering about raising my GH during water changes. The water in my tank is at 7GH (due to seiryu stone). The water out of my tap is 1GH. If I change 5 gallons of water on a 20 gallon tank what should I be raising the GH to to maintain a stable environment? I usually dose my tap to...
  10. Neil

    Micro-mix Solution

    Hello, I am trying to copy Burr740's Micro-mix v11.15 (Sorry for that :p) but with a small change. Net water volume in my tank is 445L (Tank+Sump) with densely packed stem nutrient hoggers, ~170 PAR at substrate level. CURRENT water parameters and dosing regime: 100% RO water KH: 0 GH: ~ 3-4...
  11. J

    Substrate Dosing Lines

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of setting up a 500 liter tank with CO2, high light and EI dosing vía doing pumps. My pump has 4 dosing channels and I started thinking about running an additional channel through a line that winds underneath the substrate. It would use the same macro...
  12. Neil

    Ideal Gh And Macro Proportion For Ro Water ?

    I'm using 100% RO water. 2 Years Old Aquasoil substrate Current water parameters:- pH - 7.6 GH - 1 dGH Ca:Mg - 4:1 (Only during Water change day using CaSO4 & MgSO4 on replacement water volume) KH - ~0 Pressurized CO2 at 4 bps. Tank water + Sump = 440 Liters. Tank dimension : 4 Lx1.5 Dx2.5 H...
  13. A

    Help To Make Csm B

    Hi, guys I have following chemicals available how to make csm+b from them. Manganese Sulpahte (1kg) Zinc Sulphate(1kg) Boric Acid(1kg) Copper Sulphate(half kg) EDTA (half KG) Iron edta 13% Thanks please guide and help there is no micronutrient availabl
  14. F

    Using Urea Instead Of Nitrate

    Hey Guys Hope you are doing well, I just need help about nitrogen fertilizer for my tank in my country nitrate is banned can I use urea in my tank if yes then how much to dose? Thanks.
  15. D

    Using Ei Dosing For Hydroponics

    Slightly off topic but I have been using EI dosing for years with great success. I'm trying to take a step in a different direction namely kratky hydropnics It requires masterblend fertilizer which is an NPK of 4-18-38 which made me think. I have pounds and pounds of dry ferts for my EI dosing...
  16. N

    Single Ei Mixture, Multiple Tanks?

    The plant bug has spread a bit for me, and there are now 4 tanks in my house with plants. I’ve got my 90 pretty well dialed in, using EI, and am happy with the growth rates and the tanks health. I’ve been mixing the fertilizers in a 500ml container and dosing according to Rotala Butterfly. I’d...
  17. barturas

    Nh4+ Vs No3-

    Hello, just thinking about mixing my own NKP. I want to try to add some NH4NO3 along with KNO3, but wanted to know how should I calculate the real equivalence of NH4 to NO3. I use to make NPK without NH4 and usually had a dose, let's say single spray, adding 0.5ppm of NO3 to my aquarium. N in...
  18. M

    Raising Gh

    My water is only about 1-2 GH. Most likely 1. Equilibrium states to dose 1 tablespoon to raise my GH by 3. I seen some say there is a lot of potassium in equilibrium. Will this cause any issues? I'm trying to raise it because of a suspected calcium deficiency
  19. B

    Ei Dosing Creating Cloudy Water

    I recently started EI dosing on my tank around two weeks ago. Here are the tank's stats: 1) 100 gallon tank stock tank 2) Running CO2 at around 8-10bps 3) Tank is outside and only lit with direct sunlight 4) Tank is densely planted with many fast growing species and the bottom of the tank is...
  20. B

    Ei Dosing And Cloudy Water

    Hi! This is my first post on this forum and I'm really glad I found it. This place is great. I recently started EI dosing on my tank around two weeks ago. Here are the tank's stats: 1) Rubbermaid 100 gallon tank 2) Running CO2 at around 6-7bps 3) Tank is outside and only lit with direct...