1. H

    I'm Breaking Up With Eheim. Can You Recommend A Filter?

    I had two Eheim 2028s on my 120 gallon planted tank. Over the years, I've replaced all the seals and rings many times. And over the years I've had the dreaded leak from the power cord area many times. Even the priming ring has been replaced. This is a known issue with these filters. I got...
  2. Bald_noggin

    Eheim Universal Pump.

    Hi everyone. I’m in the midst of rebuilding my tank which involves building a new wet/dry trickle filter. The question I have revolves around the location of the main water pump. I’ve previously had it installed in the sump which works fine apart from the odd time when the pump move enough...
  3. K

    Recommendation For Cannister Filter

    I'm a long time hobby-ist with a 30 gallon vertical tank that is a little planted. I've decided to change from an HOB filter to a cannister filter. I'm leaning toward an eheim 250 but wondered if there were any Fluval fans out there? Also, Eheim offers an integrated heater cannister but it...