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    Fidelia squid: Dutch Aquascape 55ltr
  2. R

    A One-Year Evolution After Jumping Back Into the Hobby 30 Years Later

    INTRO: Since this is a journal, and I have pictures going back to when I started (this time), I thought it would be fun to start from the beginning (December 2020). I will add to this as I have time to bring the story to the present. As alluded to in my bio, I was heavily into planted tanks...
  3. M

    Perspective are we doing it wrong

    So I've become a little obsessed with this... To me the forground midground background plants idea is all wrong... I'm not sure if it is just me but I feel the idea that people putting the largest plants at the back and smallest at the front only is sort of counter intuitive for creating...
  4. knives00005

    Dutch Aquascape Plants

    Hello all - So I've been reading about Dutch Style aquascape tips for quite some time now (while waiting for my co2). I've learned a few but I would like some personal input from members. I would like some suggestions for the following: -Foreground plants -Midground plants -Back plants So...
  5. Tips And Tricks For Dutch Style Aquascaping

    Tips And Tricks For Dutch Style Aquascaping

    Tips and Tricks for Dutch Style Aquascaping This article explains some of the rules and techniques of traditional Dutch style aquascaping. It’s written with novice to intermediate American aquascapers in mind. This style can seem old, rigid, and in somewhat inflexible to Nature style fans...
  6. How To Build An Easily Removable Moss Wall

    How To Build An Easily Removable Moss Wall

    First you'll need some plastic canvas "art mesh". I used #7 in black, available on Ebay, Amazon, hobby shops, etc, along with some small plastic zip-ties. These are 4" size Measure for the size you want and put the pieces together using zip ties ** TIP: In order for everything to stay nice...
  7. guppyganker

    Dutch Me Baby

    The current iteration of this tank is not going to last long. The wife and kids are going out of town in two weeks and I'm taking the chance to do a breakdown and adding mts under my black diamond. The Equipment -standard 75gallon tank -1 16" sbreeflight freshwater on the left -1 24" fluval...
  8. D

    "Balance" 65 Gallon Dutch Aquascape, ((( Plants Are In!!! )))

    Well I can finally start the 65 Gallons journal! what a toy this will be, my first high tech but not my first Dutch. I previously practiced many different aquascapes in my 5.5 Gallon and my Fluval V 5 Gallon. But this will be my first Large aquascape. I bet some people are anxious though since I...
  9. Jason King

    Jason's Colourful Merklap Aquarium

    Jason's Colourful Merklap Aquarium.. I'm starting a new scape, new high tech tank.. the other tank will stay as the lower tech Scape but this one will be a Dutch hybrid more of a Plant sampler aquarium (merklap) instead of following the very strict Dutch rules. I have everything ready to...
  10. fablau

    Fablau 75 gallon tank

    Well, I kept procrastinating this due to lack of time, but finally I found the time to put together any needed information to start this thread dedicated to my own 75 gallon tank. Where to start? I setup this tank back 2008, so it has been already 9 years. The tank is one of those standard...
  11. burr740

    120 Gal Dutchy Freestyle - Now with 50% more Dutch!

    So this is a journal for my new 120, which replaces my long running 75 gallon. For anyone who followed the previous tank, this one will be basically the same style with just a bigger footprint. First planting, about 2 months ago. Tank 48" x 24" x 24" Marineland 120 gal CO2 GLA Grow 1...