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    Fidelia squid: Dutch Aquascape 55ltr
  2. Toni Grappa

    Plant Plan Of Dutch Aquarium

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on the installation of Dutch aquariums or in a first step "only" on the planning of such a tank. I bought some (few) books on the subject, but what really impressed (and intimidated) me is the article by Pikez in this forum. The topic is quite complex and...
  3. Tips And Tricks For Dutch Style Aquascaping

    Tips And Tricks For Dutch Style Aquascaping

    Tips and Tricks for Dutch Style Aquascaping This article explains some of the rules and techniques of traditional Dutch style aquascaping. It’s written with novice to intermediate American aquascapers in mind. This style can seem old, rigid, and in somewhat inflexible to Nature style fans...