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    Using Dual Venturi Reactor With Canister Filter - How ?

    So I'm using a reactor similar to Tom's idea in here: https://barrreport.com/threads/dual-venturi-diy-external-co2-reactor.3413/ The degassing method is really good and working. Sucking the stucked air and giving it to the intake of the powerhead. My question is; How can I use this degassing...
  2. Dual Venturi Diy External Co2 Reactor

    Dual Venturi Diy External Co2 Reactor

    This unit cost about 20$ due to using Clear PVC housing, you can use solid 2" pipe if you wish. You can find all the parts at any Orchard Supply Hardware or Home Depot. Two: 2" slip to 1/2 threaded bushing Two: threaded 90 elbow 1/2" barbed About 10 Bioballs if desired 12" of rigid 3/16" air...