dry start method

  1. W

    Newbie To Dry Start Vs. Ethylene

    Hi I am wondering if ethylene is beneficial during the try start method? Wondering if I put a banana/avocado in the tank would boost plant growth. Thank you
  2. Angelyn

    55g Dsm/walstad Tank: Month 1

    Month 1: So far I have the tank, painted the rims and the back/side panel black to increase the depth. Have my DHG and lighting ordered (plan on getting s repens as well), went a little overkill on my substrate so I'll just be using what i haven't already on another tank or for the emerged...
  3. C

    Newbie Dry Start Method

    Hi all! I'm totally new in the aquatic plant life and am totally in love. Now if only I can manage to not destroy my first plants. Tank: UNS long 12G (35" long x 8" wide x 10" tall) Substrate: UNS contrasoil Light: Twinstar LED 600SP, 3500l, 44W Desert Stones + UG (Ulticularia Graminifolia)...
  4. M

    New Leaves Start Burning In Dsm

    I have started a new tank setup with DSM method (I am within 4th week of this process). I am trying to grow Dwarf Baby Tears. I am using a low maintenance method that takes advantage of adding moist air into the tank from an external air pump. Air pump shoots air into a sealed bottle filled with...
  5. F

    First Planted!

    Hello! I have been reading a good bit but finally decided to post. I have kept tanks since I was a kid (now 33) and finally started a planted tank! I have everything set up and am starting week 3 of a DSM. I am doing MonteCarlo carpet in an Iwagumi style. I am being patient waiting but can't...
  6. echan383

    35g Iwagumi, Dry Start Method

    Hi all, We're starting a 35G Iwagumi style tank, first time trying a true aquascape. In order to get the carpet growing strong, we'll be going with the dry start method. The substrate is a mixture of Spaghnum peat moss, organic potting soil (moss, worm castings, etc), capped with 1-2 in of...
  7. Tim Harrison

    Return of The Shallow

    I recently found an awesome peace of DW; a eucalyptus root which I thought would be ideal for scaping. I'm kind of envisioning the root embedded in rock, but it's a tricky manoeuvre to pull off so it looks convincingly natural. Specs: Tank: 60x40x25cm(h) Stand: IKEA hacked Besta cabinet Light...
  8. N

    1st Low-Tech Tank -- DSM Questions

    I have a couple questions about the Dry Start Method that I am going to be doing on my first low-tech planted aquarium with low/medium light and no CO2 injection. Flora: Anubias barteri Aponogenton crispis Moneywort Water Sprite Crypt Wendtii Anacharis Brazilian Pennywort Tiger...
  9. J

    DSM - Dry Start Method

    Greetings! I would like to confirm the following sequence before using DSM method (Tom Barr): Is this correct? 1. Add potting soil (or ADA Aquatic soil, etc.) to a new empty tank. 2. Saturate soil with water (not flood). 3. Add sand/gravel layer on top (1.5 inch??) 4. Put plant roots...
  10. Tom Barr

    DSM, dry start method: New(?) method to make a nice rug of HC before you add water

    I've been growing HC in a room at the lab that has small tanks, but decided to try growing HC emersed. This led to the idea that follows. It's just growing HC initially as a terrarium plant, which is does quite well as and quickly sends runners and forms a thick mat that's very well...