drop checker

  1. M

    Is The Ph Drop The Best Way To Measure Co2?

    Here's a little write-up someone gave me: The "1.0 pH drop" is an oversimplification you can not and should not apply without thought. Firstly, the higher the KH, the higher the buffering capacity and the exact same level of CO2 would result in a higher pH. Secondly, this idea completely...
  2. Gabe Hayes

    Diy 4dkh Dropchecker Solution

    I've done a little searching around on how to do this but the videos on youtube are terrible at explaining it. Is creating my own 4dKH drop checker solution as easy as: 1) Create 0-TDS RO/DI water 2) Add the right amount of seachem alkaline and acid buffer to make the solution 4dKH and 7PH 3)...