1. D

    Neo DIY CO2 Kit...Remarkable!

    For under $25, I'm really impressed by simplicity, output, and the tiny Neo diffuser in the kit I installed on my 12 gallon Edge tank. My only comment is that the 1 m. of supplied hose is perhaps a little skimpy. Photo is the CO2 output 3 hours after starting the yeast. I located the diffuser...
  2. E

    Journey to the Planted Aquarium

    About 3 months ago, a friend and fishkeeper called me to tell me of an abandoned fancy goldfish in his lobby. I've been taking in stray 'life' for years. First was a bearded dragon in college that was left behind by an associate. She stayed with me for about 5 years before passing on. Next...
  3. Harris Tiu

    Diy Dtpa Trace Mix

    Hey All, I cant seem to find a trace mix where I am from so I decided to make my own. My tank is 100 gallons while my water is 8.1PH which falls to 7.1PH after CO2 injection. I was able to obtain DTPA FE 11%. The rest of my mix is comprised of Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate, Zinc Sulfate...
  4. TheDrift

    Diy 4dkh Solution Confusion!!

    I have followed a introduction how to make 4dkh with smaller amount of distilled water and baking soda. i got to 150ml of distilled water and tiny bit of bi-carb soda(baking soda). I have api and Hagen kh/gh test. Both confirm 4 drop turn yellow (4dkh). But when i pour into my glass checker...
  5. D

    Weekly Fertilizer Uptake

    Hey everyone! Need a little help regarding a macro solution. I've been trying to add the following 8.27 gms of magnesium nitrate 3.55 gms of magnesium sulphate 2.87 gms of mono potassium phosphate 23.84 gms of potassium sulphate All of the above is in 500ml of water. The problem is...
  6. L

    Split Diy Co2 In Two Different Aquariums.

    Hi, I was wondering if i could use a very powerful recipe of diy co2 for 2 aquariums, splitting the output tubes, so i can aport co2 to both tanks. I also wanted to know if someone has done it before.
  7. Filantrops

    Fe-edta And Potassium Gluconate Solution Diy

    Greetings, I am out of my depth. I hope someone here can help out an aquarium novice. I have Potassium Gluconate powder and Fe-EDTA 13,3%. I would like to mix them into water solution and add to my aquarium with some 250L of water in it. But I cannot figure out amounts for the solution and...
  8. N

    Aquasoil + Diy Substrate ?

    Hello! My name is nathalia and im from uruguay. Here it is very hard to find commercial substrates for planted tanks thats why I brought a 9L ADA Amazonia Aquasoil bag from brasil in my bag . The thing is that im setting a tank with this base dimentions: 40cmx80cm (16inx32in). For that size i...
  9. A

    Chihiros Rgb 45 + Diy High Powered Led

    Hello, greetings from Indonesia I recently add Chihiros 45 RGB for my planted tank, so now i’m using 2 lights 1. DIY High powered led (60 watts) 2. Chihiros RGB 45cm(adjustable to 60cm) (37 Watts) My tank dimension is 60cmx35cmx25cm I plant rotala hra in the back. Which is better should i put...
  10. Gabe Hayes

    Diy 4dkh Dropchecker Solution

    I've done a little searching around on how to do this but the videos on youtube are terrible at explaining it. Is creating my own 4dKH drop checker solution as easy as: 1) Create 0-TDS RO/DI water 2) Add the right amount of seachem alkaline and acid buffer to make the solution 4dKH and 7PH 3)...
  11. E

    External Co2 Reactor

    Hi everyone I know this is a topic that has been discussed quite intensely on this site and on others but I've only really seen DIY projects. So I decided to play around with some ideas. This is very rough and incomplete. So the goal is to get as close to 100% diffusion as rapidly as possible...
  12. Mossbrush

    Diy Inline Aquarium Co2 Reactor

    I am using 10” filter housing for many years, and since the housing can be used for many purposes I went to convert it into CO2 reactor. In the setup there are sponge filter and activated carbon for two stages before CO2 reactor. Some of parts I have used are listed below: 1. Pentek 10-Inch...
  13. Fishfur

    Canadian Sources For Diy Fert Ingredients

    I'm in Ontario, Can., in the Toronto area and I'm running out of the makings for my DIY ferts The store I last purchased the ingredients from isn't carrying them anymore. And when I looked online to find another source, it sure looks like KN03 isn't even available here these days, even in the...
  14. T

    Double Check My Diy Fert Mix Please - First Timer

    I'm dosing the burr mix in a 55 gallon (45 gallon used for royals butterfly calculator). Micros: 15ml dosing 3x day Fe - .15 ppm. 6.55 grams Mn - .06 ppm. 1.05 grams B - .03 ppm (H3B03). 974 milligrams Zn - .042 ppm. 1.05 grams Mo - .0015 ppm (NA2Moo4) 22 milligrams Cu -...
  15. Bishop

    Trace Diy Process/help

    Been trying to mix my own trace for a while now and had a few problems so wondered if there was a process or order to mixing them? One of my issues which might be the cause of the others is the dry ingredients seem to react to my water. The attached image is Zinc Sulfate in water nothing...
  16. Mo Sayed

    How To Make Diy Tree Or Diy Driftwood

    Hey Guys, Is there is a way to make DIY tree or driftwood. what I mean is if I have some small tree in my yard, Can I take it and put it in my aquarium?
  17. Andy the minion

    Diy Yeast Co2 With A Pressure Regulator And Timer

    Hello All, Well posting is certainly a challenge, I have tried dozens of times with and without images and it is blocked by the Spam gods. Lets try an alternative method, This is a screen grab of the text, if this works I will try to add the real content afterwards. Regards AtM
  18. burr740

    For Sale: Diy Micro Fert Ingredients - Rolling Your Own Made Easy!!

    Looking to roll your own but dont know where to start?? Here's all the non-Fe compounds you need without having to buy 10 lifetimes worth of each thing separately. It's enough to last a few years even heavy dosing a big tank. These are all listed on the popular nutrient calculators like...
  19. ThePlantedDimension

    Lots Of Equipment For Sale!!

    Hey everyone, this setup is currently around three months old and has been doing great. I attribute this to the EI dosing method and good maintenance. I will update the plant list soon. There are shrimp in the tank because I haven't had enough algae growth and I don't want fish at the moment...
  20. bshenanagins

    Rapidled Diy Light Kit

    Is anyone running these kits or similar DIY led setups? It seems we can get the spectrums we desire by going this route, rather than just accepting the available commercial fixtures for double or triple the price. Anyone have any experience? Or maybe explain why these have not taken off in the...