1. T

    KH issues with Planted Tank with Discus

    Hey everyone! I having been battling with myself on what is the correct thing to do. I have. 125 gallon discus planted tank with some other fish that go well with discus in it. Also have a 40 gallon goldfish tank. I have been using strait RODI water in it. The first fill was with strait tap...
  2. A

    Building A 300 Gal Planted Discus Nature Aquarium Tank

    Hi guys, I am in the planning phase for my new "dream" build - a 300 gal / 1100 L planted discus nature aquarium tank. It will be 95" long, 25" wide and 27" high and my inspiration for the landscape is Josh Sim's winning Congo aquarium, although I know that with discus I will be severely limited...
  3. TheDrift

    I Have Been Keeping Blue Dream Shrimps And Discus For Awhile Now!

    I have had bad experiences with hightech and co2. I get so much algae and bba. Every week i have to spend hours picking and cleaning out. Since then i get into lowtech. Never have any algae outbreak, however now i want to try it again. Here is my shrimp tank when it was setup
  4. Stacie McMullen

    Trying Again With Plants In My 150g Discus Tank

    I am starting this journal with three purposes: Document what I am doing so I can fix things when problems arise... and I know they will. I am hoping to receive constructive criticism and advise from you folks here at BarrReport to avoid some of the pitfalls newbs like myself run into. I...
  5. M

    I Just Joined!

    Hi I am a fish-keeper hobbyist from Calcutta India. I have been at it...from 1989 with hardscape set-ups and then moved on to more tricky things. I have started keeping Discus in planted tanks for the last several years with a grow out BB tank for juvenile fish. Regards. Mete.