1. W

    Co2 Circulation Assistance

    OK, 29-gallon aquarium. Filtration: I have a large sponge filter sans airstone and a HOB filter. Co2 Dosing: pressurized system. I go for about 2 bubbles per second. Issue: I cannot get the Co2 checker to turn green. The solution works fine. I was able to breath in to it and it changed...
  2. S

    How to measure co2 injection in 2023?

    Hello all, I have been out of the hobby for quite a few years. I decided to get back into it and was wondering if there have been any new findings on measuring co2 injection? I'm finding it difficult to measure the injected co2 with a bubble counter on a 120g tank as it's impossible to count...
  3. R

    Co2 Diffuser?

    I have a 29Gal tank, I am using a fire extinguisher CO2 cylinder as a source of pressured setup. Currently, I have a ceramic diffuser which is located beneath a small 3W power filter. I want to set a venturi setup. will it improve my Co2 diffusion or not? My 3W power filter can be seen, it was...
  4. E

    External Co2 Reactor

    Hi everyone I know this is a topic that has been discussed quite intensely on this site and on others but I've only really seen DIY projects. So I decided to play around with some ideas. This is very rough and incomplete. So the goal is to get as close to 100% diffusion as rapidly as possible...
  5. H

    Co2 Diffuser Idea

    Hello, Sorry please delete this post. I keep getting "This content is detected as spam" whenever I type more than 3 lines of text.
  6. shoulan

    3 In 1 Diffuser Won't Go Past 3bps

    Is anyone familiar with this kind of diffuser? https://www.amazon.com/ISTA-Compact-Diffuser-Counter-Aquarium/dp/B00S5A77HQ I bought this when I went to Taiwan. One of the lfs I went to had one (but the bigger version) in their tank, and I really liked it, so I bought the smaller one. But even...