1. V

    Help with stunted Rotala growth

    Hi all , I am constantly getting stunned growth on some of my rotala’s , help needed to find what might be the issue and how to fix it. Tank : 60*30*34 set up for 4months Light : Chihiros wrgb2 60 at 45% all for 6hrs with 30mins ramp time. Filter : Sunsun 302 Fertiliser: 1ml APT complete daily...
  2. M

    Stunted Ludwigia Sp Red.

    Hello Community! I've been having some trouble growing ludiwigia sp red on my highly dense planted tank. The new leaves seem small and twisted, sometimes diagnosed as calcium deficiency or as CO2 deficiency as Tom Barr responds in almost every thread I've read. My tank: 40 Gallon planted and...
  3. G

    My Plants Have Deficiencies ... Help Please

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum, and I'm coming to ask for your help to help me to solve a problem in my aquarium. So, I have deficiencies on some of my aquarium plant, and I can't seem to know the cause of these deficiencies. I will therefore detail my installation as well...
  4. D


    Hey all, I am new to this forum and I am from the DFW area. I have been the aquarium hobby for about 5 years now and started a planted tank about 2 years ago now. I have always had some issues with my plants. For some reason they are merely coasting along. They are not thriving like alot of...
  5. Neil

    Ideal Gh And Macro Proportion For Ro Water ?

    I'm using 100% RO water. 2 Years Old Aquasoil substrate Current water parameters:- pH - 7.6 GH - 1 dGH Ca:Mg - 4:1 (Only during Water change day using CaSO4 & MgSO4 on replacement water volume) KH - ~0 Pressurized CO2 at 4 bps. Tank water + Sump = 440 Liters. Tank dimension : 4 Lx1.5 Dx2.5 H...
  6. K

    Can't Work Out What Deficiencies These Plants Have?

    Ive had everything over a month and a half from tissue culture and everything has this browning over it? Please help! Im waiting on a fluval 3.0 light fitting. Have been dosing with flourish I'm using amazonia soil. Cleaning weekly. Im getting heaps of brown algae on glass and BBA on rocks.
  7. T

    Questions/concerns In A Newly Planted Tank

    Hi all, I've had a fluval spec V set up for around two weeks now and have a few questions and potential concerns regarding plant growth. Although posted in my introduction I will rundown my setup. I'm currently using stock lighting, which is the fluval spec (2.0) light, which seems very...
  8. R

    Ludwigia Japan Red Discoloring

    So recently my favorite plant ludwigia Japan red has been yellowing and curling not much has change with my parameter or really consumption. So I am really confused. CO2 I try to maintain a full pH drop of 1 but sometimes it's a little heavy or slightly weaker but I try to keep an eye on it...
  9. R

    What Is Wrong With My Plants??

    Recently I have been having problems with my plants which up until a few weeks ago were growing great. I am not sure what is happening but I have been noticing a lot of gsa and hair algae on the plant leaves and hardscape as well as hole in the leaves and very dark new growth. Aquarium is a 180l...
  10. rs18alpha

    Manganese And Calcium Deficiencies

    If I see these deficiencies in my plants do I add more CSM+B or buy MnSO4 and CaSO4 or CaCO3? I saw a chart that says to increase CSM+B if the plant needs more Manganese. The chart says to use CaCO3 and CSM+B if the plant needs more Calcium. I don't know if I should get CaCO3 or CaSO4 for the...
  11. R

    Ludwiga Question

    what does this appear to be it’s not nitrogen and it getting worse calcium possibly? Also seeing dark spots
  12. slipfinger

    Ca, Mg and S deficiencies?

    Quoted this posted from another forum, since @Pikez was discussing this similar issue in his Rotala Kill Tank thread I figured this was relevant and worthy of a discussion. If the original poster is a member here, please feel free to elaborate further on your thinking. For discussion sake...
  13. Jason King

    Aquarium Plant Deficiency Guide

    This is something I started I while back but before I add it to the article section I would like your feedback and confirmation. If anyone would like to expand on this and go into more detail please do, I would gladly change my text etc... This is a reference quick guide only and does not...