1. Rotala Indica 'true' // AR // Emersed

    Rotala Indica 'true' // AR // Emersed

  2. Pearlweed


  3. Pearlweed


  4. S. Repens

    S. Repens

  5. Pearlweed


  6. Greenhouse 1/2 setup area

    Greenhouse 1/2 setup area

  7. Crypt. Tropica emersed

    Crypt. Tropica emersed

  8. AR mini

    AR mini

  9. AR Mini

    AR Mini

  10. D


    Doing a "flash" RAOK. Ok so I just did a trim, I got: roughly a good size golfball of pearlweed stems. You can replant these and they are bound to grow. Also have some Ludwigia arcuata stems, about 7, ill give this to whoever comments down below TONIGHT ONLY, for 4.50$ to cover shipping Again...
  11. D

    Free: RAOK / Contest inspired by Dennis.

    Since dennis is doing a contest, I wanna do one. yea. btw this shiz is grown emersed. 6 Portions (about 2" - 4") of Brazilian pennywort 6 Stems of L. repens 6 Stems of L. Rubin 10 Stems of L. Arcuata 6 Stems of bacopa monnieri 6 GOLFBALL SIZE PORTIONS OF Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides A few...
  12. D

    For Sale: Plant Package, Da** Good if ya ask me.

    Priority shipping; 8$ Emersed grown plants unless states otherwise Plant Package, Must Be Bought All At Once! Plant Package, "Just a taste!" 3 stems Althernanthera reneckii 3 Stems Bacopa Monnieri 3 Stems Amminia Sp. 'Bonsai' 1 Golfball of Hydro. Japan 1 Golfball Pearlweed 3 Stems Ludwigia...
  13. Alt. Reneckii

    Alt. Reneckii

  14. Blyxa Japonica

    Blyxa Japonica

    Blyxa Japonica
  15. FTS


  16. New growth

    New growth

  17. D

    For Sale: The Good Good!

    Bacopa Monierri 1.00$ per stem (3" plus) Althernanthera Reneckii 3$ per stem (4 to 5 inches plus) Hydro. Japan 5$ per golf ball sized portion Ludwigia Arcuata 1$ per stem (3" plus) Ludwigia rubin 1$ per stem (3" plus) Shipping is an additional 8$ Pm me if...