custom micros

  1. dantaylornz

    Custom Micro Mix

    I have done a bit of reading recently about DIY micro mixes and potential issues with CSM+B and EDTA. I live in New Zealand and have previously imported CSM+B for use in my 300 litre (~75 gallon) dutch style aquarium. However, I have moderately hard tap water (8.1pH, 9dKH and GH of 13ppm) and...
  2. burr740

    For Sale: Diy Micro Fert Ingredients - Rolling Your Own Made Easy!!

    Looking to roll your own but dont know where to start?? Here's all the non-Fe compounds you need without having to buy 10 lifetimes worth of each thing separately. It's enough to last a few years even heavy dosing a big tank. These are all listed on the popular nutrient calculators like...