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    Figuring Out My Hc Cuba

    Hello, I have been fighting my HC Cuba / DHG tank for some time and I just cannot seem to figure out what part of the puzzle I am missing. Here is some background information: 50 Gallon Tank CO2 is injected via a reactor and water is output via a Lilly Pipe. (Starts two hours before first...
  2. K

    Hc Dsm Problems

    Hello, I know there are tons of threads about DSM HC. I've looked at countless threads but can't seem to get an answer for my particular scenario. I started a DSM in my 12g long. I've done a DSM with HC and EWC before and had outstanding results. The problem I'm having is if I mist too much I...
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    Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' ... not rooting in substrate

    Hi there, I've got a 40 gallon "high-tech" (CO2 + high light) aquarium and am following the EI method. Rather new to the planted tank world, so am hoping you can help me with a minor issue. I have a very lush, thick carpet of Cuba that has taken over the whole front half of my aquarium. I...