1. Neil

    Need Help! Failing To Estimate The Micro Dose...!

    I purchased a chelated micro fertz few days ago....! The label says: Boron: > 0.5% Chelated Copper: > 1% Chelated Iron: > 2.5% Chelated Manganese: > 1% Molybdenum: > 0.1% Chelated Zinc: > 3% Chelating Agent - EDTA I dose Iron separately after compensating. The composition looks alot like...
  2. A

    Help To Make Csm B

    Hi, guys I have following chemicals available how to make csm+b from them. Manganese Sulpahte (1kg) Zinc Sulphate(1kg) Boric Acid(1kg) Copper Sulphate(half kg) EDTA (half KG) Iron edta 13% Thanks please guide and help there is no micronutrient availabl
  3. E

    Csm B Composition, What Don't I Understand?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but not the planted tank hobby. I've always bought my planted tank fertilizers for my hi-tech tanks but recently I've taken a liking to organic chemistry though and at this point I want to mix my own sauce AND understand what I'm doing with these organic chemicals...