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    Cryptocoryne Id

    Hi, I was sold this crypt as Nurii, though I'm questioning this. It's quite a tall plant with stripe-like patterning. Any help appreciated!
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    Wanted: Quality Rare Cryptocorynes

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a variety of rarer aquatic cryptocoryne species and I am curious if anyone has a selection of crypts for sale with pictures. Thank you!
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    Wanted: Cryptocoryne Aponogetifolia

    Hopefully someone here has some for sale? Looking to use it in a tall sulawesi tank I'm planning. Thanks!!
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    For Sale: Rare Crypts: Xtimahensis, Mini Silver Queen, Jacobsenii Pink &pangkal Pinang!

    Rare Cryptocoryne All emersed, no algae, no snail Cryptocoryne Xtimahensis (this is a very rare crypt, it only found at a restricted area located in Singapore, no wild collection anymore) 1pc for 60USD Mini Silver Queen (picure shown as Mother plant, the actual plants are little smaller...
  5. Cryptocoryne_spiralis_var_caudigera-1


    Cryptocoryne spiralis var. caudigera