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    Free: RAOK / Contest inspired by Dennis.

    Since dennis is doing a contest, I wanna do one. yea. btw this shiz is grown emersed. 6 Portions (about 2" - 4") of Brazilian pennywort 6 Stems of L. repens 6 Stems of L. Rubin 10 Stems of L. Arcuata 6 Stems of bacopa monnieri 6 GOLFBALL SIZE PORTIONS OF Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides A few...
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    Free: The First RAOK!

    So I think ill do the honors of doing the first RAOK (random act of kindness) on here this year that ive seen. This RAOK includes: Over 2 handfuls of Bacopa Monnieri Stems of Ludwigia Arcuata Some stems of Ammania sp. Bonsai Some Stems of Ludwigia Rubin about 10 golfball size portions (or...