1. Lind0gg

    CO2 shortage in the UK

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has noticed the CO2 shortage in the UK, and if this is effecting the planted tank industry yet? I’m between scapes at the moment, and normally get my CO2 canisters from a gas firm. I’ve not been there since this news so don’t know if it’s difficult to get...
  2. D

    Generating co2 in the sump from plants

    Somewhere, someone suggested generating co2 from the sump with plants and an alternate light cycle. Im thinking of a 40 breeder with a 40 gallon brute sump, stacked with stems, and a small LED fixture operating over the sump during the tanks night time hours. The goal is obviously to introduce...
  3. R

    Need Advice - 300 gallon CO2 setup ?

    I need some direction on what I need to have to have a planted 300 gal tank. From reactors to diffusers - too many micro bubbles... how to deliver... I know I need a regulator - 20lb tank - do I get PH controller???? I do not have a sump. I have two canister FX6 filters. Do I need a...
  4. D

    Ei Dosing With No Co2

    Hi All I want to start dosing my 140L tank using the EI dosing method,but i don't use CO2 . I do dose Excel but that's about it. Can i still use the EI method on this tank and if so what would i need to dose Thanks Guys.
  5. Tankforlife

    Target Co2 For Very Low Kh?

    Hi there, based on the ph kh chart, if my 120L heavy planted tank is 0.5 Kh & 6.9 Ph, to reach 1 point Ph drop (5.9 Ph) which about is 18.9ppm. So does it mean its inadequate? Im already at 5bps and targeting at 30ppm, should be around 5.7 Ph? I have mostly soft plants like Tonina & Macrandras...
  6. L

    Co2 Grown Plants Into Non Co2 Tank

    So my question is what happens to a plant that's been grown in a co2 environment and put into a non co2 environment? Is the die back minimal ?
  7. D

    New To Co2, Recommendations For Dissolution Methods.

    Hey everyone, I've been a lurker for a while. I've keep planted tanks for several years prior to this but have never done co2. Let me start by saying that the noob co2 thread is great info, I really appreciate the input everyone had in it. I've got a Victor 250C that I'm building, Burkert 24v...
  8. F

    Co2 And Algae Question

    I’ve been battling a big algae outbreak. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ve turned the corner on the algae. Early in process of dealing with the algae I read that fluctuating levels of CO2 were thought to be a cause of algae. I switched my CO2 from on during the lighting period only to on 24...
  9. M

    Is The Ph Drop The Best Way To Measure Co2?

    Here's a little write-up someone gave me: The "1.0 pH drop" is an oversimplification you can not and should not apply without thought. Firstly, the higher the KH, the higher the buffering capacity and the exact same level of CO2 would result in a higher pH. Secondly, this idea completely...
  10. WestcoastBingo

    Help~ Custom Built Co2 Regulator ~ Canada

    Hi everyone! i live on the West Coast of Canada and am curious if anyone up here has built there own Co2 Regulator? or know someone who has, I ask because services are limited for resources when sourcing outside of country... Or if you have some suggestions/build designs of any form that would...
  11. T

    How Much Flow Do I Need?

    So i have a 20 gal 5 month old tank. Plants are doing okay, but i was wondering if I could drop my wave maker. I get 10x turnover from my Eheim HOB and 10 x from wave maker. Could i remove the wave maker? As i think it's pushing around the plants a bit much. I don't have that much hardscape on...
  12. WestcoastBingo

    Fresh Off The Boat!

    Good afternoon, Morning, Night Y'all! New to the Fish/Plant/Water baby keeping society! too n to be a proud Owner! We have a 42Gal with Curved front corners, currently been cycling for 3-4 weeks the establish the bacteria while designing our Aquascape! Our intentions is a semi-full planted...
  13. O

    Co2 Won't Drop?

    Can anyone help me troubleshoot my grow out tank for some buce and anubias? It's about a year and a half now, and from the last 6 months, plant mass has started to decline. No matter what test or ph pen i try, I can't get more than half a point of ph drop (resting is 6.5, it sometimes goes to...
  14. R

    Co2 Diffuser?

    I have a 29Gal tank, I am using a fire extinguisher CO2 cylinder as a source of pressured setup. Currently, I have a ceramic diffuser which is located beneath a small 3W power filter. I want to set a venturi setup. will it improve my Co2 diffusion or not? My 3W power filter can be seen, it was...
  15. L

    Can't Get Co2 Levels High Enough In 225 Gallon Tank With Overflows And Sump.

    I have a 250 gallon reef type set up with overflows going into a sump. The sump and tank are completely covered, though not air tight. I've had this tank from my reefing days. The problem is I can't get a pH drop greater than pH= 0.9 and rarely a 1.0 pH drop. I suspect that the overflows could...
  16. J

    Co2 Tanks

    I inject CO2 into my 5 gal planted tank with nano regulator using 95g disposable cartridges. These are expensive and need frequent replacing. I would like to convert to refillable tank but because of space restriction, I can’t use the common 20 oz paintball tanks (which are 10.5” long). Does...
  17. B

    Co2 Regulator Settings And Working Pressure

    New to the CO2 world here and looking for some information on regulator settings. Sorry if some of these questions have already been asked and answered on here, but I wasn't able to find answers to my specific questions. 1.) Aside from blowing up my tubing and bubble counter, is there a...
  18. F

    Buying Co2

    Hi all, As someone who's new to CO2, it would be great to see others opinions on buying CO2. Where do you buy tanks? How big of tanks do you prefer? What's the associated cost? Thanks!
  19. TheDrift

    Diy 4dkh Solution Confusion!!

    I have followed a introduction how to make 4dkh with smaller amount of distilled water and baking soda. i got to 150ml of distilled water and tiny bit of bi-carb soda(baking soda). I have api and Hagen kh/gh test. Both confirm 4 drop turn yellow (4dkh). But when i pour into my glass checker...
  20. S

    Is It A Waste Of Time And Money To Try And Grow Buce In Non Co2 Tanks?

    Tell me the truth,Bruce. Are they just hangers on in fish tanks with plants? Since that is what I have. But,I do get decent growth now out of Bolbitis and Anubias..Java Moss. Some people might say "Everybody does with those plants" but there are countless posts of failing with those so..I know...