co2 regulator

  1. Y

    recommendations - co2 equipment

    I have a 55 gallon planted tank (hopefully will move into a 75 gallon tank in a year or two). I struggle with the plants doing well (even after fertilization and adjusting lights, etc). I would like to finally move into a co2 system. Any recommendations? I am leaning toward a grean leaf dual...
  2. F

    Is it ok to install/use regulator at an angle?

    Trying to make my equipment on the display tank look a little more "clean" and there isn't quite enough room to hide the tank/regulator behind the stand (wasn't originally planning on CO2 for this tank). Aside from making the bubble counter a little less useful (it isn't really needed once...
  3. F

    Help! New regulator clogged/stuck: no gas flowing through bubble counter

    Good evening all, Been in the hobby for many years, but this is my first foray into pressurized CO2. Decided to do it "right" from the get-go and splurged on a nice dual-stage Parker ir6000 from a user here who sells many regulators. Finally got around to setting it up and... it won't release...
  4. WestcoastBingo

    Help~ Custom Built Co2 Regulator ~ Canada

    Hi everyone! i live on the West Coast of Canada and am curious if anyone up here has built there own Co2 Regulator? or know someone who has, I ask because services are limited for resources when sourcing outside of country... Or if you have some suggestions/build designs of any form that would...
  5. B

    Co2 Regulator Settings And Working Pressure

    New to the CO2 world here and looking for some information on regulator settings. Sorry if some of these questions have already been asked and answered on here, but I wasn't able to find answers to my specific questions. 1.) Aside from blowing up my tubing and bubble counter, is there a...
  6. G

    For Sale: Gla Co2 Regulator

    Green Leaf Aquarium CO2 regulator. Regulator works perfect used a total of about two years. Bubble counter needs to be replaced. Unit has all original components since being built new from Green Leaf Aquariums. This is a very high quality unit and was their professional line. Parts are available...
  7. D

    Help, How Do I Read A Co2 Regulator Gauge?

    Help, How do I read a co2 regulator gauge? I'm confused wether this is empty or not, I fully opened both valve but the bubble counter stays at 1bps
  8. S

    Need Help/advice On My Co2 Regulator Build, Please!

    Hey everyone, I have been browsing this site for about a month now and it has greatly helped me prepare for my CO2 regulator build for my new 55 gallon planted tank. I thought I was all ready to go and bought all of the pieces and was excited to begin my build Thursday night, but ran into the...
  9. N

    For Sale: Gla Pro 3 Regulator $200 Sold

    Selling my 9 month d GLA pro 3. It’s in excellent condition and works flawlessly, as yould expect GLA stuff to. I e been doing differ t stuff lately, so I’m Leto g go of this bad boy. Paid $370- asking $200 PayPal friends and family and buyers pays shippong(conus only). Feel free to ask any...
  10. Andy the minion

    Diy Yeast Co2 With A Pressure Regulator And Timer

    Hello All, Well posting is certainly a challenge, I have tried dozens of times with and without images and it is blocked by the Spam gods. Lets try an alternative method, This is a screen grab of the text, if this works I will try to add the real content afterwards. Regards AtM


  12. Jason's DIY Sump & Cerges Reactor

    Jason's DIY Sump & Cerges Reactor