co2 reactor

  1. T

    Planning a 17 Gallon Aquascape - Looking for Hardware Suggestions

    I'm planning on getting back into the aquarium hobby after several years and properly doing a planted aquarium (ie, actually researching it). I already have the aquarium (Lifeguard R460008 Medium – 23.62″ x 11.81″ x 11.81″) and stand but everything else still needs to be purchased. I'm also...
  2. J

    Aqua-medic 1000 Co2 Reactor

    I'm getting ready to start up my 125-gallon tank. I will be using a sump for this tank. The tank was originally used as a reef tank and was set up with hard (PVC) plumbing. So, my question is, I have a manifold plumbed above the sump and was wondering if I could use the manifold to replace the...
  3. Neil

    120g (94g+26g) Co2 Injection Rate. Need Help In Estimation.

    After alot of days tinkering with nutrients, Lights and flow rates i reached to a conclusion that my CO2 was way too bad. I just set it to 92 ml/min though ive no idea if its a overkill. My Display tank Diamesion 48 Inch L X 18 Inch D X 30 Inch Height. 170 Par at sustrate level Water Degassed...
  4. Mossbrush

    Diy Inline Aquarium Co2 Reactor

    I am using 10” filter housing for many years, and since the housing can be used for many purposes I went to convert it into CO2 reactor. In the setup there are sponge filter and activated carbon for two stages before CO2 reactor. Some of parts I have used are listed below: 1. Pentek 10-Inch...
  5. E

    Using A Co2 Reactor In A Sump

    Has anyone had success with using a stand-alone CO2 reactor in a sump? (versus returning the water to the tank directly) I'm running a 40 gal sump beneath a 130 gal display tank, and I'm diffusing CO2 directly into the display tank using an Atomic ceramic diffuser. For purely aesthetic...
  6. rs18alpha

    Ista External Co2 Reactor?

    Has any one used this reactor? I was thing about purchasing the Sera Flore reactor. The Ista is less expensive, but I don't know about the quality?
  7. A

    Proposed Co2 Reactor

    So yet another DIY CO2 reactor.................only this one is going to be made 'properly' By that I mean acrylic will be cut using a CNC machine and assembled by someone who makes the likes of fluidised media reactors etc for marines. I've had a bit of a chat with him and I'm very interested...
  8. Micah D

    Protein Skimmer Conversion To Co2 Reactor

    Hey guys I thought maybe I can get some input from you all. So I had an old external protein skimmer laying around from when I used to have a reef tank. I thought maybe it could be used for a Co2 reactor. Im in the process right now of modifying it so that I can run Co2 through it. It has...
  9. How To Build A Cerges Co2 Reactor

    How To Build A Cerges Co2 Reactor

    I decided to make a journal for my 10" cerges reactor build to make it easier for members to make one themselves. Its the first time i've made one myself so if you see any mistakes or recommend any improvements that can be made please post them :D Most information i got by reading lots of...
  10. Dual Venturi Diy External Co2 Reactor

    Dual Venturi Diy External Co2 Reactor

    This unit cost about 20$ due to using Clear PVC housing, you can use solid 2" pipe if you wish. You can find all the parts at any Orchard Supply Hardware or Home Depot. Two: 2" slip to 1/2 threaded bushing Two: threaded 90 elbow 1/2" barbed About 10 Bioballs if desired 12" of rigid 3/16" air...