co2 calculator

  1. S

    Dialing in CO2

    Hey all, Happy New Year! I am looking for some general advice on dialing in my CO2 a bit better. I know every tank is different but I'm definitely struggling with whether to use the 1 point PH drop, drop checker color or the CO2 table. I'm using a PH probe connected to my Apex controller to...
  2. Neil

    120g (94g+26g) Co2 Injection Rate. Need Help In Estimation.

    After alot of days tinkering with nutrients, Lights and flow rates i reached to a conclusion that my CO2 was way too bad. I just set it to 92 ml/min though ive no idea if its a overkill. My Display tank Diamesion 48 Inch L X 18 Inch D X 30 Inch Height. 170 Par at sustrate level Water Degassed...
  3. B

    Kh / Ph / Co2 Inconsistency

    Hi, I recently purchased a Salifert KH test kit hoping to get a bit of a more accurate reading of my KH than the liquid test strips I had previously been using. I am also using an API liquid test kit to test for PH and a CO2 drop checker with fresh pre- mixed 4kdh solution on my 75 gallon...
  4. Jason King

    Nutrient Dosing Calculator

    Fab & Myself have been busy over the last few days updating stuff on the calculators and i thought i would share this with you :) ill add the other calculators later today or tomorrow. Enjoy :)