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    Dosage for a CaSO4 solution

    It seems that the calculator ( has a problem with the CaSO4 dosage. My aquarium has a volume of 270 liters. Indeed for a solution of 1000 ml with a daily dose of 10 ml, the calculator offers me a dosage of 1,739.84 grams which...
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    Calculation of GH- CASO4.2H2O- MGSO4.7H2O

    Hi, This is regarding reminerlising my 100L tank. I select CASO4.2H2O for dose to reach target option. It shows 21g to reach 50ppm which is ok. But 7 DGH for just 50ppm of only calcium? Or is Rotala butterfly calculator also adding up 40ppm of sulphur which is shown in the results to calculate...