carpet plants

  1. Bumblefish

    Utricularia Graminifolia Maintenence & Trimming

    Hello everyone, I currently have my UG carpet approx 3cm thick and extremely dense in some areas. It is, however, a little tall for my scape as the tank is only 16cm tall. What's the shortest I can trim the UG down to? Can I go to 1cm or is that a bad idea? Your advice and experiences are much...
  2. U

    New to the Hobby from Los Angeles

    Hey, everyone, this is my first high-tech tank, when I start something I like to jump full in. I live in Los Angeles so if anyone is aware of any aquascaping stuff here let me know. The tank: 7.5 Gallons Mr Aqua rimless bowfront Filter: Zoomed 10 Cannister Filter Light: Mr. Aqu MA 3 Feel...
  3. B

    Hello from Pakistan , Karachi

    Hi Everyone I am from Pakistan city(Karachi) and adopt planted tank hobby last year June 2016. We have aquarium since 1985 but simple aquarium without decoration and plants. Since 1985, me and my dad visit many LFS but never found aquatic plants. Although some plastic plants always available...