carbonate hardness

  1. T.Smith

    New Here!

    hey I’m new to Barr report just saying hi. Thought I would ask a quick question to anyone that might have an answer. Does anyone use nilocg reKHarb in RO/DI for kh? And also is this provide a true KH?
  2. B

    Kh and carbonate hardness

    Hi. I was having some BBA that I couldn't get rid of. After increasing micros dosing I saw some improvement on eleocharis but then BBA started expanding. So then I thought it could be a CO2 problem afterall. :) I have a cheap PH controller that seems to be doing a good job, calibrated with...
  3. T

    Calcium Carbonate vs Calcium Sulfate

    I recently switched to using an RO system due to severe inconsistencies in my tap water quality. I've been using GLA Ultimate GH booster. My assumption was the calcium would also raise kh, however it's calcium sulfate. Is there a significant difference between calcium sulfate and calcium...