1. WestcoastBingo

    Help~ Custom Built Co2 Regulator ~ Canada

    Hi everyone! i live on the West Coast of Canada and am curious if anyone up here has built there own Co2 Regulator? or know someone who has, I ask because services are limited for resources when sourcing outside of country... Or if you have some suggestions/build designs of any form that would...
  2. S

    Hello From Bc, Canada!

    I have a horticultural background and have been in the aquarium hobby for a couple of years after a 15 year hiatus. I'm a plant fan and don't know much about fish. I have a 1 gal, 5 gal, 16 gal, and 20 gal. No tech, low tech, high tech, love it all. I've been using Seachem fertilizers. The only...
  3. K

    Hello From Bc, Canada

    Hi guys. I am brand new to Aquascaping hobby. 2 months ago I started 50L tank with rocks from ocean and Monte Carlo Micranthemum. After first month, algae started to come out. Since then I am still fighting algaes.
  4. Patrick Toulze

    From Canada, Having Fish Tanks For More Than 30 Years...

    My actual setup is a 33 gal tank (going to the big one soon) — Led light with TC420 controller, CO2 tank/regulator/reactor. Dry dosage. Will post more... Hy everybody...
  5. V

    Hi From Ontario, Canada

    Hey there, Been a lurker learning about aquarium plants for a long while. I am just 6 months into my first planted tank and things are going ok (although not perfect). I still have a lot to learn to deal with the hair algae on my mosses and staghorn on some stem plants. Hopefully I can get some...
  6. M

    Hello From Canada

    I'm new in the forum and thanks for accepting. I have 30Gal. planted live bearer tank. Since 2013 I have same kind of different sized tanks. Muharrem
  7. H

    Bonjour From Montréal, Canada

    Hello! I'm from Montréal Canada (QC). I'm totally new to planted tank, Since I discovered this amazing hobby, I feel in love. Haven't been on this site before, but lurking around theplantedtank, found this site and have become more interested. And registered. I don't have a running tank yet...
  8. T

    Greetings From Toronto, Canada!

    Hi all, I'm currently a university student, and decided to pick up this hobby as I've become particularly interested in aquatic plants and aquariums in general. I've also picked this up to relieve stress (although I think I stress more about my plants' well-being LOL) Anyway, I'm currently...
  9. D

    Hello From Canada

    Hello everyone, I have been reading articles here for years but I figured that I should sign up. My background is about 10 years experimenting with FW plants in dirted tanks, to varying degrees of success. I live in Canada and would love to do an outdoor pond but the effort is not worth the...
  10. Tariq Kieran

    Hello From Canada! =)

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking here for a while, but visiting more and more often recently. Figured I might as well introduce myself. I have kept aquariums on and off since I was a little kid. At one point or another, I have kept freshwater (tropical mostly) and/or marine (reef and FOWLR)...
  11. jevan23

    Hi From Canada

    Hello, had a high tech planted tank for years and shut it down last year to house cichlids again.. miss the planted tank too much and found this forum, thought I'd join and do some reading before converting the 75g back to plants!
  12. N

    Hi From Ontario, Canada

    Hello Just learning about planted tanks. Stuck a few in my wee 15 gallon and then decided to do research. Smart i am!!!!! haha ;) Happy New Year all. Be well and peace.
  13. snarkingturtle

    Beginner 20gal low tech

    I'm starting this journal ~140 days into my first real planted tank. My priority with this tank was to learn how to grow plants. Later I will try to use my acquired experience to make a more sophisticated aquascape in a bigger tank. Tank: 20 gallon HxLxW = 16" x 24" x 12" inches. Old and...