1. Harris Tiu

    Dosing Calcium And Magnesium In Caco3 Equivalents

    Hi Folks, I am now learning about how to dose the Secondary Macros Calcium and Magnesium. I've read its 3:1 ratio between Ca:Mg. Also, im supposed to dose 1dGH worth after my weekly water change. So then its dosing 15ppm for Calcium and 5ppm for Magnesium. I am supposed to dose in CaCO3...
  2. Neil

    Ro Water Troubling Calcium, And Plants Started Showing Deficiency Symptoms.

    Hello, Ive started using complete 100 % RO water because the water we have here is no less than liquid metal. RO Water KH is 0 and TDS is around 110-120. 400 L tank capacity I dose DIY fertz but 2 things are causing trouble 1). Calcium 2) Traces like Chloride, Nickel (No such deficiencies i...
  3. rs18alpha

    Manganese And Calcium Deficiencies

    If I see these deficiencies in my plants do I add more CSM+B or buy MnSO4 and CaSO4 or CaCO3? I saw a chart that says to increase CSM+B if the plant needs more Manganese. The chart says to use CaCO3 and CSM+B if the plant needs more Calcium. I don't know if I should get CaCO3 or CaSO4 for the...
  4. D

    Calcium Gluconate Uptake Issues

    Over on TPT, a member made a comment about the gluconate form of Ca having a larger molecule than, perhaps, other Ca salts. The implication seems to have been that the larger molecule somehow affects Ca uptake by plants. Can anyone comment on this?
  5. A

    Calcium Chloride Dihydrate

    Hi, I'm using calcium chloride dihydrate as a source of Ca. I'm using 100% ro and replenish with mgso4 7h20 and cacl2 2h2o, so I have about 5-6gh. My question is, is chloride safe for plants and fish?
  6. dj2606

    Calcium Reactor?

    Hey folks, I have a few questions for anyone who has or is currently using a calcium reactor for Co2 diffusion. What reactor are you using? What is your bubble rate? What size tank are you using the reactor on? How long does it take for 1 degree Ph drop? What is your effluent rate? Thank you...
  7. Seattle_Aquarist

    Calcium Ppm In Cacl2

    Hi guys, it's been a couple of weeks and no response to my last post in this thread....I believe your CaCl "Result of the dose" level for CaCl2 is way, way off.
  8. Bishop

    Calcium Variations in water supply advice.

    I realize this subject has been flogged to death by now but Couldn't find anything relevant to my current problem. Have been hounding my council for latest water supply reading ( which they are holding on to for some reason :() And it turns out I am on two water supplies which seem to alternate...
  9. T

    Calcium Carbonate vs Calcium Sulfate

    I recently switched to using an RO system due to severe inconsistencies in my tap water quality. I've been using GLA Ultimate GH booster. My assumption was the calcium would also raise kh, however it's calcium sulfate. Is there a significant difference between calcium sulfate and calcium...