1. S

    How To Build The Perfect Spectrum Led Light.

    Russians are inventive and resourceful. I hadn't even thought it was possible. This might just be part one..not sure.
  2. S

    Need Help/advice On My Co2 Regulator Build, Please!

    Hey everyone, I have been browsing this site for about a month now and it has greatly helped me prepare for my CO2 regulator build for my new 55 gallon planted tank. I thought I was all ready to go and bought all of the pieces and was excited to begin my build Thursday night, but ran into the...
  3. D

    New Pimp Build? Work In Progress

    I am in deep $$$. Already reworked based on FB suggestions and still open to your opinions. Next step, a massive 20 inch Cerges with 1" NPT throughout. Suggestions welcome there also. 20190909_182609 by Donald Layton posted Sep 9, 2019 at 7:31 PM 20190909_182718 by Donald Layton posted Sep 9...
  4. G

    20g Long Build

    Hello everyone. New to the site and this will be my first tank journal on here. Here I have a 20 gallon long tank i setup a few months ago. It has been growing wonderfully. Fish: 1 betta fish celestial pearl danios( these will come in the future when my lfs can manage to get them in) plants...
  5. B

    Bob' 40 Gallon Build

    I started putting together a 40 gallon planted tank in our basement family room this week. I have the cabinet box set up and I'm doing a 'wet' test of the aquarium this weekend while I'm away. The tank is an old 40 gallon breeder I bought at an estate sale. I removed the old silicone and...
  6. rs18alpha

    What Material Is Best To Build Up Rocks In One Corner Of An Aquarium?

    I want to have rocks in the corner of my tank that almost reach the top of the water. I don't want to use one big rock. I've heard people use Styrofoam or Drainage cells. Or other plastic materials. If I used Styrofoam I could create multiple tiers. To keep the styrofoam from floating I think...
  7. emily6

    For Sale: Build My LED, 36" fixture

    FS: Used BML LED, 36" wide. Attached is a pic that has the electrical specs on it, as well as a product photo found online. BML recently stopped producing aquarium lights so I can't include a link to the product itself. It's a "Nature Style" 6500k fixture in silver. It's missing the plastic...
  8. chrisaggie

    205 gallon planted discus/community tank build

    I recently picked up a used 205g tank (36"x44"x30") and 90g sump (32"x36"x18"). The tank is a hybrid tank with PVC bottom, glass walls, and acrylic top bracing. The tank is drilled for a closed loop system which I plan to plug and not use. The overflow is in the middle of one of the 36" side so...
  9. Bishop

    220L Build log

    Disclaimer : Down here in 'middle earth' we don't have access to much aquascaping supplies and products let alone ADA or other high level brands, so there is really only two choices for me . Buy Cheaply made but expensive all in one units or, build my own. Building my own works for me for...