1. T

    90 Gallon Planted Journal

    Hello, BarrReport forums, I've been keeping aquariums for about 10 years now, and its been a pretty fun ride, but I'd like this iteration of my tank to be well-kept, and an exercise at record-keeping. I have made all the mistakes one could possibly make in the hobby, and a few that keep me awake...
  2. N

    For Sale: Bucephalandra Sylvia

    Fully submerged clump for 3 months. 45$ including shipping. Wyswyg.
  3. hogan53

    Wanted: Bucephalandra Sp Mini Catherine!..

    Wanted! Bucephalandra sp Mini Catherine! Got to be the serrated leaf variety....Tom Barr did have some a few years back! Please post a picture if available for Sale....shipping to the UK! Regards hogan53 (UKaps)
  4. C

    Huge Bucephalandra (help Identifying)

    So I was talking to somebody I met on a forum and he told me to check out his YouTube channel... (Some of you guys might recognize the tanks from the image in posting below) I asked the owner about the huge buces used as focal points but he couldn’t recall what they were. I’ve been doing my due...
  5. C

    Bucephalandra Post Bloom... Question

    I recently had a Bucephalandra Brownie Blue boom and flower, as of about a week ago it has wilted and the petals fell off. Am I suppose to cut the stem of the bloom afterwards?
  6. Phishless

    For Sale: Buce Theia Blue For Sale Gone

    Bucephalandra Theia Blue (gets 1"leaves) 20 smaller plants $2ea. All for $40 shipped. Got to trimming and cleaning and I just can't keep all of this. Let me know what type of tank you are running. I always send extras of other species, my choice. 20180514_220712 by Phishless posted May 14...
  7. Phishless

    For Sale: Phishless Has Buce For Sale Gone!

    Here is Buce in my tank. Submerged growth for over 1 year. This patch has more than doubled in size, too much space required. There is some BBA here and there, younger shorter pieces have none. If you've done this before it will clean up well. They were all planted as stems tall growing with...
  8. N

    Bucephalandra Roots Melting

    Hey guys, been reading a bit but first time posting. I’m trying to isolate an issue with my bucep since my new tank. Has anyone ever incurred bucep roots rotting away? My bucep grow aerial roots and seems any growing too long and not hitting hard surface will go clear and rot away. If in close...
  9. rodoselada

    Wanted: big deal bucephalandra

    so i want Microsorum puts it out and Bucephalandra instead in my new setup, i need big quatity, I want to make it mostly from bucephalandra, I'm not interested in a particular species but only in small to medium height and not green leaves