brown algae

  1. Joe

    Red-brown Algae

    Wondering if anyone can identify a reddish brown “algae”? It’s been growing in some of the rocks in my 55 gallon low tech aquarium? Now it’s starting to spread to driftwood and glass. This is an old set up, at least 5 years probably older.
  2. D

    Panda Garra Behavior With Delicate Plants

    Hi everyone. i was wondering will panda garra clean moss from brown algae. its know to eat brown algae but does it work well with delicate plants like moss. or its going to eat the moss itself.
  3. FishFood

    Algae Identification

    We are pretty new to the hint and just set up a tank a month or two ago and have an algae problem. We are trying to identify what type of algae that it is and what can be done about it. The algae is green kind of like dust and settles on all surfaces including plants. I think it’s blocking the...