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    Bolbitis And Why Is It So Susceptible To Brown Cyano Algae?

    I have it doing very well low tech...but its the only plant in the 240 gallon that has a brown algae that you cant even scrape tunnels into the plants cell walls. I have tried Maracyn and yes,it worked very well...the brown dying off totally and the fern responded with fast new lush...
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    For Sale: Bolbitis, A. Reineckii & More!

    Hi All, I've done a massive trim of many of my tanks and have quite a bit of plants to sell. The attached pictures are the actual plants for sale! - NEW Rotala sp green x1 pot $6 (2 left) - NEW Rotala wallichii x1 pot $5 (3 available) - NEW Staurogyne repens x1 pot $6 (3 available) - NEW...
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    How much PO4?

    hello from Slovakia .... i have one question... in my tank i have plants whitch eat lot of PO4 (microsorum, bolbitis, anubias) in 300 liters tank. my question is: how much do PO4 add each day? now i am on 0,9 ppm daily.... but its too low. your experience with PO4 and this plants? i have...