black beard algae

  1. Thomas

    Black Beard Algae Go Away On Its Own?

    Does BBA go away if you keep co2 at 30ppm? If so how long does it take for it to go away. I've been plague with bba for years now and I'm totally fed up with it. I have tried h202 treatment, kept my tank absolutely clean with trice weekly water changes using turkey baster to dislodge detritus...
  2. Joshua Nathan Davies

    The Best Way To Remove Black Beard Algae And Some Others Too!

    So anyone new to the aquascape world and even the old are bound to come face to face with some algae issues. It is true that some are quite easy to remove and some are a real pain in the behind. This is my first ever thread that im writing right now and i thought that from my experience i really...