1. T

    Amazon biotope plant suggestions

    Hi all, I may be getting a chance to help create a large planted tank for a public Aquarium that I work for. This display will be based on the Rio Negro habitat. Rather than an exact biotope, our plan is to feature aquatic flora and fauna that are found throughout the overall region. I have a...
  2. A

    Hi From A New Member

    Hi from a new member! I've had Discus / Amazon-themed aquariums for 30+ years (basically since childhood), mostly 200-400L low-tech. We recently moved to a new house and am now planning my dream aquarium build: a 1200L aquarium with a wild nature aquascape hopefully catching the atmosphere and...
  3. Ritesh Varma

    Long Beach Plants N Fish

    Hey My name is Ritesh. I own two 30 g aquariums. One reef and one fresh. I have South American plants w/ Wild S American Apistogrammas and Tetras. CO2 [2]bps Giant hood w/ compact flourescent. 125w Cobalt Canister Filter Cobalt Neo Heater *Two Timers* Day / Night time air pump turns on. Syngo...