1. E

    Journey to the Planted Aquarium

    About 3 months ago, a friend and fishkeeper called me to tell me of an abandoned fancy goldfish in his lobby. I've been taking in stray 'life' for years. First was a bearded dragon in college that was left behind by an associate. She stayed with me for about 5 years before passing on. Next...
  2. Samscape


    hello, my name is sam ... I'm from Indonesia, I have a 40 liter aquarium but I'm still confused where to start because I'm still a beginner ..
  3. L

    65 Too Deep For Beginner?

    It looks like I'm going to do it--set up a 40b or 65 gallon planted aquarium, that is. I've never done any serious freshwater and it has been years since the non-serious stuff. I'd like to know experts' opinions on whether it's foolish of me to try a standard 65 gallon aquarium (which I...
  4. V

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello all, I was an off and on hobbyist in the past years and have finally decided to jump into planted tanks now that I have a stable income. I currently have a 29 gallon high which is CO2 injected and moderately planted housing rcs, amanos and a few snails (nerites, faunus ater and mystery...
  5. Ian Chan

    Hi I'm New. Help Please

    Hi everybody, I'm new here on this site but I have spent some time reading through the beginner threads and I really appreciate the expert level advice that many members, including Tom Barr himself, provides. Right now, I really need your help as most of my new plants are melting...
  6. snarkingturtle

    Beginner 20gal low tech

    I'm starting this journal ~140 days into my first real planted tank. My priority with this tank was to learn how to grow plants. Later I will try to use my acquired experience to make a more sophisticated aquascape in a bigger tank. Tank: 20 gallon HxLxW = 16" x 24" x 12" inches. Old and...
  7. B

    Need advice on starting fertilization.

    Hi guys, I have a newly setup 29 gallon planted tank with medium-high lighting, ADA amazonia substrate and pressurized CO2. I am keeping the following plants: aponogeton ulvaceus, echinodorus 'rose', echinodorus amazonicus, blyxa japonica, hydrocotyle tripartita, tiger lotus, dwarf hairgrass...
  8. Acorus Calamus

    Acorus Calamus

    Sweet Sedge is a perennial herb, 30 to 100 cm tall. In habit it resembles the Iris. It consists of tufts of basal leaves that rise from a spreading rhizome. The leaves are erect yellowish-green, radical, with pink sheathing at their bases, sword-shaped, flat and narrow, tapering into a long...