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    Beamswork Da Fspec 48"

    I have a 75 gallon planted tank. It has a footprint of 48" x 18". The beamswork da fspec 48" is 3.5" from the top of the water. The water is 18.5" deep. I have a Seneye meter which gives me PAR, PUR%, and a graph of the light reading covering 400-700nm. This unit was reviewed by some reef...
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    Non-co2 Tank; Do I Need To Go All Out?

    Hi there! I have a 37 gallon tank that will be fully planted. It is non CO2, and I'm currently dosing at about a little less than half the recommended dosing for EI due to the tank not being fully planted yet. I'm using the DIY ferts from NilocG, which conveniently combine the macros into one...