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  1. R

    Fertilizer calculation

    Dear , I am Debasish roy from india.I want to start the EI method, in that case I can go ahead with your help. How much should I target for weekly kno3,k2so4,kh2po4, CSM+B , mgso4 & iron ? I really need your help. Thankyou Debasish Roy.
  2. Jason King

    Site Update: Site is now using xenforo version 2.X

    Hello :) The barr report has now been updated to xenforo version 2.x, i did plan on updating this a while back but was waiting on a stable and proven version due to all the custom edits involved. At this time the plant database and article section have been disabled until ive finished edited...
  3. Joshua Nathan Davies

    Where's The Barr Report App?

    So i hope this is the right place to post this thread. This website and community are amazing and I was wondering how come there is not a mobile app for this? The potential is basically limitless. Any thoughts?
  4. Jason King

    Barr Report Logos

    Found these old logos while i was migrating the site and thought i would share them :) you oldskool guys will remember back in Jan 2005. logos of past and present...
  5. Jason King

    User Upgrades

    The last few days i have been asked a few times about the old subscriptions, how much space does each user get for there gallery / private message space etc.. Previous lifetime members will stay as lifetime members and will benefit from the new setup for life. Previous yearly subscribers will...
  6. Jason King

    Social Media & The Barr Report

    Wanted to let everyone know that the Barr Report is now on Facebook and Twitter.. I've also added share this page and site buttons, so please share the Barr Report with your followers & friends. Also don't forget to add tags...