bacopa caroliniana

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    Bacopa Caroliniana Not Growing.

    Here are my water parameters: KH: 5dKH GH: 7dGH PH: 7.2 Nitrates: 30ppm Phosphates: 2ppm Iron: 0.5ppm Co2: Yes Lighting: High (Over 100 PAR) Substrate: Soil capped with sand. Fertilization: 4 pumps of thrive+ weekly, dosage of Fe and NO3 when necessary. Other plants in the aquarium...
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    Wanted: Rotala Sp. Green And Bacopa Caroliniana

    Looking to buy a good amount of these 2 stems from 1 seller
  3. Bacopa Caroliniana

    Bacopa Caroliniana

    Bacopa caroliniana