1. Seattle_Aquarist

    Open To All; Gsas Meeting Featuring Dave Wilson, Australia

    Hi All, During these difficult times the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society ( has arranged a special international treat! Open to all GSAS is hosting a YouTube Video stream of our September 8th meeting featuring a talk by Dave Wilson the naturalist from Australia. Due to time zone...
  2. KrangDog

    Hi From Australia

    Hi everyone, Nick from Canberra, Australia. I'll be posting a journal soon but currently keeping rotalas, ludwigias, AR, anubias, crypts, erios as well as a couple of carpenting plants (plus others I've forgotten). Mostly interested in growing nice plants rather than themed aquascapes at the moment.
  3. TheDrift

    Goodday From Australia

    goodday everyone, I am Andy from australia, looking forward to do some nice scape and learn abit more about lighting and ferts. i have been breeding shrimp and planted tank in low tech such: anubias nana, buce, jave fern, needle java, and many other plants :thumb:
  4. I

    Heya From Australia

    Hey guys, I'm Ian, a firefighter from Australia. I've been on and off with the hobby throughout my life, life changed and i no longer had the means to maintain my hobby. I'm posting a journal thread because the start of this aquarium journey has been interesting and impromptu to say the least...
  5. S

    Hi From Australia

    Hi I'm Sarah from Australia. I have two tanks, one 130L and one 70L. Come on here to learn about fertilising using pps pro and fancy guppy breeding.
  6. A

    Trace In Australia

    Hi Tom, I'm from Melbourne Australia, planning to start EI on my 100G tank. I can get the following from ebay: KNO3 K2PO4 K2SO4 MGSO4 I did look at my local store (bunnings), I can find: Manutec Iron chelate 13% EDTA (Soluble) Manutec Trace elements The question is is this trace...
  7. L

    Hi From Nsw. Australia.

    Yes I think I am addicted to the planted tank. In Australia we have the problem of government restrictions on the import of aquarium plants. This means that many plants that are available overseas are either unavailable or extremely expensive. Just an example would be the Madagascar Lace plant...
  8. Grant Varcoe

    My First Post Hello From Australia. (g'day).

    This is my new first post to give the opportunity to say Hello and i hope everyone will be welcoming. I currently have 6 fish tanks with live plants and also plenty of fish too. Oh and also i have started up a new tank with a number of Shrimps also full with crystals ( Blacks.Reds,Yellow and...
  9. Beni

    125l (33G) Customised Juwel Rio Scape

    Hi all, I guess you would say I'm somewhere between the beginner to mid experience range (leaning more towards beginner) when it comes to aquascapes. In the first aquascape (same tank as below) I've followed guides such as tropica and used liquid firts from Cal-Aqua Labs with some moderate...
  10. Beni

    Hello from Sydney

    Hi all, I'm from Sydney Australia, and been in the hobby just over a year. I've just started my second hi-tech 125l nature tank (pictured below about at 1 week) that I am planning to start a journal for on here. Look forward to learning heaps from you guys, and hopefully helping others from my...