1. Toni Grappa

    Translation Of Article Into German

    I translated the article from Pikez (tips-and-tricks-for-dutch-style-aquascaping) into German and redesigned it in Indesign. Unfortunately the article contains a lot of pictures and therefore the PDF is very big and I can't upload it. But I would like to send it to an administrator. Maybe he has...
  2. R

    What Kind Of Algae Is This?

    Hello there, I have a Fluval Edge 6 gallon which I cycled, and planted for 3 weeks before I added two Amano shrimp. I have recently upgraded the light from a miracle-grow light to a AI Prime Freshwater. I dose iron and phosphate every other day and approx 1 mL. Excel 5-6 drops per day. If...
  3. Tips And Tricks For Dutch Style Aquascaping

    Tips And Tricks For Dutch Style Aquascaping

    Tips and Tricks for Dutch Style Aquascaping This article explains some of the rules and techniques of traditional Dutch style aquascaping. It’s written with novice to intermediate American aquascapers in mind. This style can seem old, rigid, and in somewhat inflexible to Nature style fans...
  4. slipfinger

    Bart Laurens - Dutch Style Aquarium

    For those that may not have seen this yet. A must read article about dutch style by Bart Laurens.
  5. S

    Water movement device choices?

    One of my Tunze 6095s is acting up so it's probably time to replace it. It'll do on, or off, but power cycles if it's at anything other than those two settings. I may be upgrading to the typical 48x24 footprint instead of the 60x18 I currently have so I'm unsure if replacing the 6095 would...