aquatic plant species

  1. S

    Potamogeton-like Species Id Needed

    Location is a man made pond in Lavaca County south Texas USA. The leaves only appear at the end of stems originating at a single base node. The roots from the base are white. Immature leaves are more circular. Plant originally in shallow water with all leaves floating. Roots were heavily...
  2. C

    Plant Id Please

    i buy some plants in LFS... and i got an unknown bonus plant... i keep it in my low tech aquarium but they don't show any sign of morph into tissue culture... but they do grow alot root... the leaves is thick... some of it has abit red tone color and got a marble form.. (i wonder its a...
  3. F

    Black/dark Purple Crypts

    Hi all, Are there cryptocoryne that are naturally black or dark purple in color?
  4. N

    Plant Id

    Hi all! I collected some plants near In rivers of upstate New York near Binghamton. Found some unique species of Ludwigia maybe someone could identify the variety. Under high light it grows creme/orange leaves and blood red veins. Grows as fast as Ludwigia repens and similar shape. The emersed...
  5. O

    Id This Bicolor Plant

    Hey! I bought some new plants and I don't know what they are. Do you know what this plant is? It's not pothos, of course. Though the leaf colors might make you think it is. I can't find any aquatic nor land plant that looks like this! Can you help me? Thank you!
  6. kizwan

    Plant Id

    Hello, I baught this plant at my LFS but there's no label on it to tell the plant name. Can anyone help ID it?
  7. F

    Cryptocoryne Id

    Hi, I was sold this crypt as Nurii, though I'm questioning this. It's quite a tall plant with stripe-like patterning. Any help appreciated!
  8. kizwan

    Plant Id

    Hello, anyone know what is the name of this plant? It was unintentionally I think included in bunch of water lettuce that I got.
  9. Allwissend

    Rotala Sp. 'cambodia'

    Thought I would upload this here as well. Rotala sp. 'Cambodia' is part of the wallichii like group. The red stem coloration is quite consistent under high light and the leaves seem to be more robust and shorter than the typical R. wallichii. The red is also deeper than Rotala sp. 'Vietnam'...
  10. S

    Nymphaea Rubra Anyone?

    I ordered this thinking it might be like a Tiger Lotus ( I have one of those..but long story) but I now think its a tropical pond lily ( hardy too) but dwarf enough for a large aquarium with enough light. I potted it for now. Once it gets going I can push fertilizer sticks into the substrate...
  11. S

    Super Red Mini Very Mini.

    Its doing fine on no Co2,and it couldn't be redder. Only,every leaf has reduced to half the size they were when I got the plant. Originally it had been in not so bright growers tank and came with greenish leaves mostly. It soon shed those leaves and grew these red tiny leaves..very airy and open...
  12. S

    Anybody Heard Of A Cultivar Of H.pinnatifida Called 'phoenix' ?

    What's it about? It's a loud pink color. Saw it on a Russian quarists youtube video. Even with comments translated there was no other info. Just compliments and where can I get some?..that kind of thing. Nope,did not bookmark it. If I find it I will add to this post. The more I thought of it...
  13. S

    Boston Fern Grows Underwater???

    I saw this vid of Steinhart that the old house plant standby Nephrolepis exaltata?? It's not plastic..I think,or silk. I'm sure in this day and age they don't use any kind of artificial plants. Seems to be making croziers. Amazing if true. At around the 8:05 or so. Freshwater...
  14. S

    Hygrophila 'chai' The Pink-purple Rarity..who's Grown It?

    I'm guessing Tom Barr himself must have this plant. Its color is unlike any other and reminds of those succulents sold at Home Depot painted in neon paint. Not an easy grow I read and plants of tissue culture size are going for $100. Like that would stop a pro..who MUST HAVE IT!..ha. I know how...
  15. S

    Stan Gets His Holy Grail Aquarium Plant...bolbitis Heudelotii.

    Ok.second time with it. My first try well over a year ago was when I made mistakes I should have seen coming. Mystery snails that had bred wildly...ate the roots. I sold the snails. I also about then had not dosed a thing and when hair algae got bad.. I tried for my first time Hydrogen...
  16. R

    Plant Id, Red Common Plant

    Which plant this is? I didn't have any success with it previously, Now I am running DIY co2, low to medium light for 6 hour(algae issues) and using root tabs + Seachcem flourish + DIY Potassium + DIY iron. Hopefully, it grows well.
  17. R

    Plant Id, Red Common Plant

    Which plant this is? I didn't have any success with it previously, Now I am running DIY co2, low to medium light for 6 hour(algae issues) and using root tabs + Seachcem flourish + DIY Potassium + DIY iron. Hopefully it grows well.
  18. R

    Java Moss Or Something Else

    Is this Java moss or something else ?
  19. Scryllarus

    Any Idea What Crypt This Is?

    I've been growing this crypt ever since it was a tiny rhizome half the size of my pinky nail. Its leaves have always perplexed me as to which variety of cordata it is. It's very first leaves had white veins similar to a cordata rosanervig but then the next leaf didnt have such veins, only green...
  20. Hardwell

    Plant Id Needed. Pink Stem Plant

    Not sure what type of plant this is and need help in an ID. I was told it was a rotala magenta but it won’t pull up on google. It is very pink with some yellow, also with broad and short packed leaves.