aquatic plant database

  1. Hygrophila Costata

    Hygrophila Costata

  2. Hygrophila Corymbosa

    Hygrophila Corymbosa

  3. Hygrophila Balsamica

    Hygrophila Balsamica

  4. Hygrophila Difformis

    Hygrophila Difformis

  5. Diodia Virginiana

    Diodia Virginiana

  6. Diodia Cf. Kuntzei

    Diodia Cf. Kuntzei

  7. Drepanocladus Aduncus

    Drepanocladus Aduncus

  8. Fontinalis Antipyretica Var. Gigantea

    Fontinalis Antipyretica Var. Gigantea

  9. Fontinalis Hypnoides

    Fontinalis Hypnoides

  10. Fontinalis Antipyretica

    Fontinalis Antipyretica

  11. Floscopa Cf. Scandens

    Floscopa Cf. Scandens

  12. Fissidens Splachnobryoides

    Fissidens Splachnobryoides

  13. Fissidens Nobilis

    Fissidens Nobilis

  14. Fissidens Fontanus

    Fissidens Fontanus

    Fissidens fontanus or the phoenix moss is a real aquatic moss that can attach itself to wood or rock. The leaves are 3 to 5mm long and dark green. It can survive in non-CO2 injected aquariums, but does better with good CO2 and relatively high light levels. This moss can grow from small...
  15. Fissidens Crispulus

    Fissidens Crispulus

  16. Gymnocoronis Spilanthoides

    Gymnocoronis Spilanthoides

  17. Gratiola Viscidula

    Gratiola Viscidula

    This little plant is relatively new to the hobby. It has very distinctive triangular leaves 7mm in length that look like thorns. It grows in tufts and sometimes develops new branches. The growth is very slow with new leaves being brighter than older ones. It needs at least medium light levels...
  18. Gratiola Virginiana

    Gratiola Virginiana

  19. Gratiola Officinalis

    Gratiola Officinalis

  20. Glossostigma Elatinoides

    Glossostigma Elatinoides