aquatic plant database

  1. Ludwigia Sedoides

    Ludwigia Sedoides

  2. Ludwigia Sphaerocarpa

    Ludwigia Sphaerocarpa

    Under good conditions L. sphaerocarpa will have a very compact growth with the top leaves stacked one on top of the other. The top most leaves are yellow to orange in color. Like many Ludwigia spp. it tends to grow at an angle with the substrate and produce a good amount of visible roots...
  3. Ludwigia Helminthorrhiza

    Ludwigia Helminthorrhiza

  4. Ludwigia Brevipes

    Ludwigia Brevipes

  5. Ludwigia Arcuata

    Ludwigia Arcuata

    Ludwigia arcuata has long fine leaves and is heavily ramified. The growth of this plant is rapid under sufficient light, nutrients and CO2. Micronutrients addition will help enhance the natural orange/red coloration. In general it is easier to get good coloration than with Rotala rotundifolia...
  6. Lomariopsis Cf. Lineata

    Lomariopsis Cf. Lineata

  7. Littorella Uniflora

    Littorella Uniflora

  8. Lindernia Sp. 'india'

    Lindernia Sp. 'india'

  9. Lindernia Rotundifolia 'variegated'

    Lindernia Rotundifolia 'variegated'

  10. Lindernia Grandiflora

    Lindernia Grandiflora

  11. Lindernia Dubia

    Lindernia Dubia

  12. Limnophila Sp. "broad"

    Limnophila Sp. "broad"

  13. Limnophila Sessiliflora

    Limnophila Sessiliflora

    Undemanding plant with needle-like bright green leaves, capable of growing in both high and low light. Although somewhat similar in leaf shape to Cabomba caroliniana, the plant can grow in lower light. This plant is mainly taking nutrients from the water column, the root system being very...
  14. Limnophila Rugosa

    Limnophila Rugosa

  15. Limnophila Indica

    Limnophila Indica

  16. Limnophila Hippuridoides

    Limnophila Hippuridoides

  17. Limnophila Heterophylla

    Limnophila Heterophylla

  18. Limnophila Brownii

    Limnophila Brownii

  19. Limnophila Aromatica

    Limnophila Aromatica

  20. Limnophila Aquatica

    Limnophila Aquatica