aquatic plant database

  1. Helanthium Tenellum

    Helanthium Tenellum

  2. Echinodorus Tunicatus

    Echinodorus Tunicatus

  3. Echinodorus Uruguayensis

    Echinodorus Uruguayensis

  4. Eriocaulon Setaceum

    Eriocaulon Setaceum

  5. Eriocaulon Cinereum

    Eriocaulon Cinereum

  6. Eriocaulaceae Sp. "type 2"

    Eriocaulaceae Sp. "type 2"

  7. Eleocharis Vivipara

    Eleocharis Vivipara

  8. Eleocharis Pusilla

    Eleocharis Pusilla

    A species growing shorter and more compact than E. acicularis in submersed form. Previously, this plant was marketed as E. parvula but the naming was clarified by Kasselmann(2010). This plant is a light shade of green with hair-like leaves. It produces creeping runners with single or...
  9. Eleocharis Acicularis

    Eleocharis Acicularis

  10. Elatine Hydropiper

    Elatine Hydropiper

  11. Eichhornia Natans

    Eichhornia Natans

  12. Eichhornia Diversifolia

    Eichhornia Diversifolia

  13. Eichhornia Crassipes

    Eichhornia Crassipes

  14. Eichhornia Azurea

    Eichhornia Azurea

  15. Egleria Fluctuans

    Egleria Fluctuans

  16. Lysimachia Nummularia

    Lysimachia Nummularia

  17. Ludwigia Inclinata "green"

    Ludwigia Inclinata "green"

  18. Ludwigia × Lacustris

    Ludwigia × Lacustris

  19. Ludwigia Ovalis

    Ludwigia Ovalis

  20. Ludwigia Repens

    Ludwigia Repens