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    Fidelia squid: Dutch Aquascape 55ltr
  2. B

    Rocks First Or Second?

    Hey all, I'm starting a 20 gallon planted tank and I'm going to plant grass from seeds into substrate before filling with water. I'm wondering if I should grow the grass and then place my dragon stone on top or can I place my rocks before the grass grows? Thanks, any help appreciated...
  3. L

    New To Aquascaping And Dsm Need Help

    So I've just started aquascaping and trying out the DSM method as due to Covid it is quite difficult to get all my aquascaping plants and stuffs from overseas. Currently, this is what I have done: 1. Elevated Valley design with Ohko Rocks and Amazonia substrate 2. I have my lighting on for...
  4. M

    How Should I Dutch Scape My 20 High?

    Hello everyone, new to the forum. I'm looking on ideas for how to scape my 20 gallon high. The tank has co2 injection, black blasting sand, and osmocote pellets for fertilization. In my previous tanks, plants I've had success with are: -Ludwigia inclinata cuba -Dwarf sag (I hate this one)...
  5. V

    Co2 For Biocube 14 Gallon With Stand?

    Recently got a bio cube 14 gallon and stand for a steal, 200 bucks for both brand new. I was wondering what was a good appropriate co2 tank size that will fit perfectly under the stand? Also if anyone has pictures of their bio cube setup I would be more than happy to view those to get some ideas...
  6. Terrance James

    Deep Aquarium Scaping

    I’ve never had a particularly deep aquarium but due to a unique set of circumstances I’m getting a 45 g which is ~24” deep. I know lighting will be key so advice on this and on scaping in terms of plant selection and placement would be helpful. It’s coming with a weak LED so I’ve been scouring...
  7. Toni Grappa

    Plant Plan Of Dutch Aquarium

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on the installation of Dutch aquariums or in a first step "only" on the planning of such a tank. I bought some (few) books on the subject, but what really impressed (and intimidated) me is the article by Pikez in this forum. The topic is quite complex and...
  8. Halfmoonleather

    New To Aquascaping - My 30cm Cube, And Algae Prevention Questions.

    Hello, Im new to aquascaping and i just finished my second attempt at an aquascape. I want to know what are some of the best practices to keep in mind during the cycle of the aquarium to make sure algae doesnt run rampant and cause major headache down the road. How long should i run my lights in...
  9. T

    Newbie Dsm Iwagumi Need Help

    Hi all! i just started DSM with HC cuba and dwarf hairgrass with my hardscape recently. Hoping it will turn out well. It is just around the 3rd day. 60 x 30 x 35 tank Aqua soil HC Cuba and Dwarf Hair grass and one plant that i forgot whats the name =x Beamswork HI Lumen 60 LED light Day 0-4...
  10. G

    Hey From Western North Carolina, Usa

    Greeting all, I had tanks for 30 years before life got in the way. Now that I'm retired I'm coming back into the hobby with an interest in aquascaping. Still interested in fish keeping, but blending fish with the aquascaping. I welcome suggestions for resources for plants and hardscape.
  11. ProPhotog

    Getting Ready To Setup A 75 Gallon After 30 Years.

    I'm wanting to aquascape it. I've seen a number of scapes that I find quite interesting, but want to make something mine. I want to carpet either dwarf baby tears or monte carlo. I'm looking to add a fair amount of color and texture variegation, so suggestions are welcome. I know this will...
  12. Paul G

    Jungle Style 200 Gallon Doing Well

    I am really pleased with my tank. It is healthy and stable. There have been no nuisance algae in a very long time. I've learned a lot watching this forum over the years, and I think it shows. So I am compelled to share some pics I hope you will find worthwhile. This is a jungle style aquascape...
  13. bshenanagins

    Ada Website Tips

    Thought this may be of some help to people with their aquascaping, I especially like the article on “clusters.” Hope this helps anyone struggling with planting or just how to go about scaping in general
  14. A

    Aio All In One Aquarium Layout

    Not something I've seen too often in planted aquariums but I'm hoping a few people with experience will just give me their views and opinions on the system. I think this system would suit me just right having the filtration built into the end of the display and allow me to access things with...
  15. Joshua Nathan Davies

    Hi From Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hello Fellow Aquascapers, My name is Josh and i am a British Citizen who has been living in Indonesia for the past 18 years. Before that i was living in Malawi Africa. I have always been somewhat of a nature person mainly focusing on the adventure side of things. I was also a scuba diving...
  16. O

    Azalea Wood A.k.a. Spider Wood

    Hello, Im a new to this site and here to help you take your tank to the 2nd level of beautiful. If you have any questions or are interested in the most popular aquascaping wood that has been used for years please don't hesitate. Id love to help you out.
  17. kizwan

    Newbie Aquascaping

    Tank #1 Using commercial substrate for planted aquarium. Just enough to make 1 inch deep substrate in 2 x 1 x 1 ft tank. Gravel as shown in the photo below also just enough to make 1 inch deep cap on top of the substrate. 1st day Only Rotala Indica 17 days Re-planted Rotala Indica (+ add...
  18. Dd1880

    Good Rocks To Use That Won’t Affect Ph To Much?

    I was going to delve into aquascaping for the first time and was wondering what we’re good stones or rocks to use that won’t raise my ph to much. I have hard chicago tap water that’s a ph around 7.8-8. I had what I think in my head to be some good ideas of valleys and maybe a land bridge over...
  19. L

    Aquascaping Round 2 - 35 Long

    Hi folks, This is week 1 of my attempt to re-enter this hobby. It's been a few years and all previous attempts were as ambitious as they were disastrous. This time I'm trying to keep it simple and set more realistic expectations. So far, so good. As a supplemental hobby (as if I need more...
  20. D

    Hey Some One Can Help Me Choose What Remineral Dose To Osmose

    Hey I want buy remineral I Undecided take or Dennerle remineral Or hw remineral I send here picture of this remineral maybe some one use with him Some one can recommended for me what choose Thanks for advanced