1. E

    Journey to the Planted Aquarium

    About 3 months ago, a friend and fishkeeper called me to tell me of an abandoned fancy goldfish in his lobby. I've been taking in stray 'life' for years. First was a bearded dragon in college that was left behind by an associate. She stayed with me for about 5 years before passing on. Next...
  2. IMG_20220316_175754.jpg


    Fidelia squid: Dutch Aquascape 55ltr
  3. M

    Perspective are we doing it wrong

    So I've become a little obsessed with this... To me the forground midground background plants idea is all wrong... I'm not sure if it is just me but I feel the idea that people putting the largest plants at the back and smallest at the front only is sort of counter intuitive for creating...
  4. WestcoastBingo

    Fresh Off The Boat!

    Good afternoon, Morning, Night Y'all! New to the Fish/Plant/Water baby keeping society! too n to be a proud Owner! We have a 42Gal with Curved front corners, currently been cycling for 3-4 weeks the establish the bacteria while designing our Aquascape! Our intentions is a semi-full planted...
  5. Dojoscapes

    Hello From Europe!

    Hello Im relatively new in the aquarium hobby I hope will learn something new and useful everyday here
  6. Joshua Nathan Davies

    How I Plan My Aquascape

    So I thought I would share on my approach to setting up an aquascape. I tend to have a spur of the moment inspirational ideas. These ideas begin with seeing other people's work and finding my own twist to the idea. I think it is really important to not copy someone's scape exactly but to...
  7. Joshua Nathan Davies

    The Best Way To Remove Black Beard Algae And Some Others Too!

    So anyone new to the aquascape world and even the old are bound to come face to face with some algae issues. It is true that some are quite easy to remove and some are a real pain in the behind. This is my first ever thread that im writing right now and i thought that from my experience i really...
  8. F

    New Aquascape

    Hi all I will start a new Escape project, and my main problems are as follows: 1) Big tank size 180 * 60 height * 65 depth 2) Lack of active soil or root taps , and using only basalt ground and relying on seachem fert, is this enough? 3) Due to the large volume of driftwood in the scape , I...
  9. Dd1880

    First Aquascape!

    I’ve had fish tanks since I was a kid. I just recently got into planted tanks. This was my first actual full on scape of a tank. It is a fluval flex 9 gallon. I bought some narrow leaf Ludwigia, Ludwigia inclinata, crypt parva, Anubias petite nana, and Monte Carlo. I am trying to do low tech...
  10. Prooda

    Uns 60s River Bed

    Hello Everyone! This is my first time posting on here, I got into the aquarium hobby around February 2019 and this will be my first time aquascaping a tank. However, I do have a "Dutch" style tank that its currently set up purely to learn how to keep and maintain aquatic plants. I learned a lot...
  11. Gabe Hayes

    New Here

    Hello and greetings from Long Beach, CA I currently have a 29g iwagumi style aquascape and I plan I posting in the journal about it. The seiryu stone keeps making my GH and KH move around a little bit. I knew it affected water parameters but I guess I just wanted to ignore that because of how...
  12. LRM_EXPORT_930794100452649_20181124_170406384


    Lowtech Juwel 180 corner tank
  13. T

    My First High Tech Aquascape

    I've posted this in the planted tank forums as well. I hope that's alright. This is my first try at this high tech planted tank thing. I call it "The edge of the forrest". My plan is to go super thick planted on the left side of the pathway, tall stems behind the big wood. Something red to in...
  14. knives00005

    Dutch Aquascape Plants

    Hello all - So I've been reading about Dutch Style aquascape tips for quite some time now (while waiting for my co2). I've learned a few but I would like some personal input from members. I would like some suggestions for the following: -Foreground plants -Midground plants -Back plants So...
  15. P

    Getting My Aquascape Back In Shape Slowley

    Hi All, I used to spend a lot of time on my 55 gallon aquarium and had it running high tech. However between starting a business and our kids I had to dial it back to low tech with a pretty low bio-load. Now I am starting to try and get it back to a more complicated and pretty scape. I probably...
  16. H

    How Do You Use Flame Moss In Aquascape

    This moss seems to grow quite fast, I used to have a metric ton of it, but throw most of it away because I couldn't find a way to utilize it. I thought about using it as a carpet plant, but it seems too uniform - its too straight- to be used as a carpet, it also doesn't spread very well...
  17. Bishop

    220L Build log

    Disclaimer : Down here in 'middle earth' we don't have access to much aquascaping supplies and products let alone ADA or other high level brands, so there is really only two choices for me . Buy Cheaply made but expensive all in one units or, build my own. Building my own works for me for...
  18. rodoselada


    Fish Tank 80*40*40 Led Lamp Home made *2 with controler 8 channel, white cold,white warm,red hyper, red deep, red far, ultra violet, Blue Royal, Blue Ph Controller Dossing pump *3 (Micro, Macro, Carbo) Co2 bottle 6kg, diffuser Rinox 2000 Skimere Eheim 350*2 Filtru Extern Eheim 4 350 *2 full with...
  19. rodoselada

    Dragon Island

    Hi guys, to continue with the presentation of my aquariums. Aquaone 55l. 40 * 40 * 40 Led light home made 6 channel External filter Eheim 4 250 with 3 liters Eheim Substrate pro Co2 6 kg cylinder, external reactor Aquabasis substrate, Volcano powder, 2-4 gravel and finer sand over Hardscape...
  20. D

    'CloverField' Emersed Aquascape Vase Journal

    Yea I started another vase thing. This ill be more focused on than others. Don't worry, the other emersed setup is still going to. Its on the desk next to my 65 R.i.p my nightstand. You are now a desk... :D Pearlweed & Marsilea Hirsuta