1. Seattle_Aquarist

    *FREE Presentation* Puffers by Cory McElroy - Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS) - Sept 12th

    *FREE Presentation* Puffers by Cory McElroy - Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS) - Sept 12th The Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS) is pleased to host one of our very own members to start off the 2017-2018 season - Cory McElroy the owner of GSAS Sponsor Store Aquarium Co-op. Cory...
  2. D

    'CloverField' Emersed Aquascape Vase Journal

    Yea I started another vase thing. This ill be more focused on than others. Don't worry, the other emersed setup is still going to. Its on the desk next to my 65 R.i.p my nightstand. You are now a desk... :D Pearlweed & Marsilea Hirsuta
  3. D

    For Sale: Plant Package, Da** Good if ya ask me.

    Priority shipping; 8$ Emersed grown plants unless states otherwise Plant Package, Must Be Bought All At Once! Plant Package, "Just a taste!" 3 stems Althernanthera reneckii 3 Stems Bacopa Monnieri 3 Stems Amminia Sp. 'Bonsai' 1 Golfball of Hydro. Japan 1 Golfball Pearlweed 3 Stems Ludwigia...
  4. F

    Excel Initial Dose

    I've always had a question about the initial dose of Excel. According to the bottle it is recommended that you dose the tank 5ml per 10 gallons then daily dose is 1ml per 10 gallons. I've also read that Excel completely dissipates after 24 hrs therefore the reason to dose daily. So the...
  5. Jason King

    Aquarium Plant Database - Gathering information

    Hello everyone I am going to start work on the Aquarium plant database over the next few weeks, this will be an on going project. As most of you know it involves 100s of different species so to start I would like to get a complete list of the plants using this thread. Here is a list I have got...
  6. guppyganker

    Dutch Me Baby

    The current iteration of this tank is not going to last long. The wife and kids are going out of town in two weeks and I'm taking the chance to do a breakdown and adding mts under my black diamond. The Equipment -standard 75gallon tank -1 16" sbreeflight freshwater on the left -1 24" fluval...
  7. Tom Barr

    Amazon 17 ft planted aquarium

    A finished scape we recently did last year. Was suppose to be all Buces and hair grass. Steve from Aquarium Zen now maintains it.
  8. Planted Tank Maintenance

    Planted Tank Maintenance

    Tom Barr Explains Planted Tank Maintenance
  9. Aquarium Horticulture Methods

    Aquarium Horticulture Methods

    2015 - Dr. Tom Barr presents, “Aquarium Horticulture Methods,"
  10. Toms 120G

    Toms 120G

  11. Jason King

    Jason's Colourful Merklap Aquarium

    Jason's Colourful Merklap Aquarium.. I'm starting a new scape, new high tech tank.. the other tank will stay as the lower tech Scape but this one will be a Dutch hybrid more of a Plant sampler aquarium (merklap) instead of following the very strict Dutch rules. I have everything ready to...